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Massey Research Shows Phil Goff Undermined By Media At Election

May 5, 2015

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Morning Report on Radio New Zealand, 27th November, 2012:  Thankyou to Doctor Clare Robertson from Massey University of New Zealand, for making this official.  But this is not new news – Many of us were keenly aware of the extent to which the media were influencing our elections, way back before Phil Goff’s loss to John Key.

Read Merrilyn’s post entitled “Phil Goff Undermined By Media” which I put up over a year ago. In this article, I pointed out the discrepancy of representation in ‘The NZ Herald’ between Phil Goff and John Key:  That Phil got an unglamorous wee photo put somewhere well into the paper, whereas John Key usually got a large, smiling photo on the front-page, or second-page.

Why has it taken so long for a New Zealand university political marketing specialist to make this connection?  It would have been a good thing if Massey University had…

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