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Don’t mention the “C” words

October 31, 2012

Why are Fairfax Media avoiding mentioning climate change in the wake of Hurricane Sandy?

While respected international newspapers and the scientific community are linking Hurricane Sandy to climate change, it seems that none of the “journalists” from Fairfax have bothered to ask the question.

In fact, searching ‘Hurricane Sandy climate change’ on brings up no connection what-so-ever.  Surely no real journalist – operating free from a dictated agenda – would simply “forget” to link the biggest story of the week to one of the biggest stories of the era.  At newspapers like The Washington Post,  The New York Times, The Guardian and The Independent, the issue is being debated furiously, with all concluding that, while climate change can’t be solely blamed, the conditions that caused Sandy can be attributed to climate change, and the extreme weather fits all the climate change prediction models of climate scientists.

But, with Fairfax’s largest shareholder – serial polluter Gina Rinehart – only buying into the media corporation after being advised to use mainstream media ownership to promote climate change denial, it’s hardly surprising.   And, this comes just the day after Fairfax completely ignored the Government’s plans to scrap a crucial environmental report.

It ain’t just the streets of Manhattan that smell fishy…

Please avoid sourcing your news from this propagandist, anti-environment media corporation, boycott their publications, tell your friends, and join our protest on facebook .

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