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Key’s MSM cheerleader blubbers about bloggers

September 16, 2012

Rightwing hack’s dummy-spitting reveals insecurity of media’s cosy Keyphiles.

John Armstrong – good work champ!

It appears that the mainstream media’s most sycophantic National Party apologists are a tad touchy about being held to account by ordinary New Zealanders or journalists with opposing views.

John Armstrong’s ridiculous rant in yesterday’s New Zealand Herald about “bloggers” reveals that independent media are indeed having an impact on the way readers percieve the subjective reporting of a tired but comfortable corporate media establishment.

In attacking two of this country’s most highly regarded journalists in his misguided rant about “the blogosphere”, Armstrong has demonstrated precisely why New Zealand needs independent voices holding imbedded conservative journalists like him to account.

Clearly, John Armstrong protests too much, illustrating that – for the first time – the mainstream media themselves are being held to account by the people. They don’t like it.  But, I have a simple solution; play with a straight bat, write with fairness, accuracy and balance, and don’t try to mislead us. Starve us nasty bloggers of oxygen and ammunition, and we’ll go away.

Online media critics, or “bloggers”, have been aware for some time that we are having a very real effect on the way mainstream media reporting is being viewed by the public, and we are clearly starting to get on the MSM’s tits. Good! This can only lead to fairer, more honest reporting, which is surely what we all want and is far healthier for the deteriorating condition of our democracy.

The comments forum attached to Armstrong’s rant is extremely revealing, and shows a general lack of public sympathy for partisan journalists who have failed to do their job.  The New Zealand public have woken up to the irrelevance of a corporate news media that is enamoured with a failing Rightwing Government, and are looking elsewhere for genuine political analysis.  In fact, 95% of the comments are scathing of Armstrong, and among the very few supporters are fellow Rightwing hacks Deborah Coddington and Fran O’Sullivan.

I encourage readers of this blog to join the debate, and leave further messages for Mr Armstrong and his ilk.

Also, don’t forget to join our movement on Facebook!/groups/fearfacts/ and tell your friends.


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