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Key: “We welcome the opportunity to cooperate with the U.S. in the next conflicts”

September 3, 2012

What John told Hillary in Raro (but didn’t get reported in NZ).

The official U.S. Department of State’s records have revealed what New Zealand’s mainstream media didn’t bother to tell us; that John Key has offered our military services to the U.S. in hotly anticipated future wars.

His words – quoted in the official document “Remarks with New Zealand Prime Minister Key” – reveal clearly that our all-American, baseball loving, Wall Street Banker Prime Minister is not only expecting the “next conflicts” (plural), but is actually looking forward to them, as a “welcome opportunity”.

It should have been a great story for any reporter that happened to be covering the Pacific Island Forum, but it seems that Fairfax Media – who have enjoyed the privilege of escorting the Prime Minister on all of his overseas trips – chose once again to hide Key’s real agenda from their readers.  In fact, a quick skim through the copy published on from Kate Chapman’s Cook Islands jaunt shows that either she didn’t bother reporting it, or if she did, it was  censored out.  Perhaps Fairfax’s political editor Tracy Watkins – who filed glowing reports of the Prime Minister’s travels while escorting him on recent trips to the United States and Europe – simply censored Chapman’s copy from the Wellington office.  Can’t help but wonder if the reason Watkins didn’t travel with the Prime Minister herself this time was due to the heavy criticism associated with her unquestioning reports from the trips she has made, and the subsequent damange to Fairfax’s credibility as a news provider.  Watkins has acted as the National Party’s unofficial press secretary in her role as Fairfax political editor, so it would be unsurprising to find that she’d been filtering Chapman’s copy with the keen eye of a consumate propagandist.

Whatever happened to the story, one thing is clear; this Rightwing publisher – owned largely by the world’s richest woman, Gina Rinehart – has once again ignored facts that are harmful to their mates in the National Party, only reporting what they want us to know in their “full coverage” of the Pacific Island Forum.   And, when news media fear facts, we should fear news media, as well as their political allies.

It is indeed unfortunate that the New Zealand news provider that isn’t answerable first and foremost to wealthy Rightwing shareholders, Radio New Zealand, has had its budget cut to the point that they can no longer send reporters to cover the Prime Minister’s overseas trips, and we are left at the mercy of self-serving media corporations likeFairfax to pick and chose what information fits their political agenda. 

Isn’t it time we reclaimed news media in New Zealand, and demanded to know the whole truth?  Please join our movement on Facebook!/groups/fearfacts/, share this blog, boycott Fairfax’s one-sided publications and on-line news, and tell your friends.

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  1. crunt permalink

    Interesting. Please fix the apostrophe error (4th paragraph)

  2. Thank you Crunt. Dinner was ready before I had the chance to proof, so just applied the old “publish and be damned”. 😉
    Self-subbing now…

  3. Mainstream Media Journo permalink

    Hi Neil, you will note the US State Department got the quotes wrong. As you can hear in the audio recording here;, Key quite clearly says “in that context”.

    I appreciate how happy you would have been if every single journalist in this country, regardless of background, race or religion was in on this conspiracy, but you must acknowledge Fairfax was correct in this instance, and you have been misled by the US.

  4. So, he’s not war-mongering, just drunk in charge of a country. That’s a relief, I thought our military independence would be gone by lunchtime.

    I can’t imagine why U.S. officials would expect the New Zealand Prime Minister to be so warmly enthusiastic about supporting aggressive American interests.

    Half of his speech is barely audible. It’s still a great story that was completely ignored before indepedent commentators brought it to New Zealand’s attention. Imagine the front page of the Dom Post if it had been Helen Clark…

  5. Mainstream Media Journo permalink

    A summary of the reasons New Zealand journalists ‘ignored’ the story;

    1. Each journalist who was there made their own recordings of it, which is how the situation was clarified.
    2. There is no need for a journalist to check a transcript posted online days after the event. If this was standard practice, no work would ever get done.
    3. The only reason it was even noticed was because bloggers did have to rely on the transcript as they were not there. This is a great example of how the two mediums /can/ co-exist and work together.

    Yes it would have been a great story if it was true. But it was not, and this blog post is surely irrelevant now?

  6. Well, it has certainly generated some interesting discussion around Mr Key’s relationship with the United States and the mainstream media. Stuff’s comments forum is just one example.

    I appreciate your points, but you’d have to acnkowledge that if much of our mainstream media weren’t so lacking in credibility, this wouldn’t even have come up. There is something of the boy who cried wolf, or perhaps the boy who didn’t, about the whole incident.

    Just so you know, I’m not the least bit hostile towards journalists, and am quietly supported by a number of those working in the mainstream. I’m just appealling for balance, and a fourth estate in New Zealand that can be trusted to hold all governments to account. I haven’t suggested that there is some grand conspiracy within the profession, simply that some media corporations – most notably Fairfax – have become so partisan towards John Key and the National Party, that it is becoming increasingly difficult for much of the population to rely on them for news. If this wasn’t the case, no one would even be asking the question.

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