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People are lazy, jealous and having too much fun, says Fairfax owner

September 2, 2012

Rinehart calls for slashing minimum wage and cutting her taxes. 

In the week where a living wage campaign was launched in New Zealand and where rampant poverty was under the microscope, the world’s richest women launched into a diatribe about the revolting peasants.

According to Fairfax Media’s leading shareholder – Australian mining billionaire Gina Rinehart – we can all be wealthy investors if we just stop being lazy and drink less.  But, as the LA Times pointed out: “Rinehart made her money the old-fashioned way: She inherited it. Her family iron ore prospecting fortune of $30.1 billion makes her Australia’s wealthiest person and the richest woman on the planet”.

Rinehart bought into Fairfax Media after British climate change-denying guru Lord Ashcroft advised wealthy polluters to buy media corporations in order to control the message.  She is clearly doing well enough from her other investments to make a significant loss on failing Fairfax, provided that she has the medium to push her Rightwing propaganda to the masses.

Little wonder and Fairfax newspapers such as The Dominion Post have added the living wage campaign to the long list of news stories they have treated with Orwellian levels of avoidance.  They have also dodged reporting their owner’s controversial comments, which were described by Australian Deputy Prime Minister Wayne Swan as “an insult to the millions of Australian workers who go to work and slog it out to feed the kids and pay the bills”.

The more moderate New Zealand Herald reported Rinehart’s comments, as well as Mr Swan’s response, including his comment that “The big question is whether (Opposition Leader) Tony Abbott will endorse Gina Rinehart’s social policies as he’s endorsed her tax, industrial relations and environmental policies”.

Mr Swan went on to say: “Tony Abbott is Gina’s knight in shining armour when it comes to fighting for tax cuts for her and Clive Palmer. The question for Tony Abbott today is does he agree with Gina Rinehart that Aussies are lazy workers who drink and socialise too much?  Will he do her bidding and slash the minimum wage as Gina wants him to?”

Fairfax Media illustrate on an almost daily basis that they have ceased to be interest in reporting politics with fairness, accuracy and balance.  Instead, they are simply acting as a mouthpiece for the wealthy hard-Right, including their shareholders in Australia and their political allies, as well as the New Zealand National Party on this side of the Tasman.

If you believe it’s time to reign this insulting propaganda in, please join our movement on Facebook!/groups/fearfacts/ and boycott Fairfax’s coverage, including their on-line “news” at,0,3323996.story


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  1. Gina Reinehart needs to get out more. The ink-odours from all her money is turning her brain into tapioca.

  2. I doubt there’s anything as sweet as that in Gina’s head bro. 😉

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