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Dom draws fire from Race Relations Commissioner

August 27, 2012

And avoids international report recommending increase in minimum wage and parental leave.

It was business as usual at Fairfax Media over the past week, as they did their best to ignore a new study showing New Zealand to be performing poorly compared to other OECD countries in terms of social progress.

The report, covered by the more moderate New Zealand Herald last Wednesday, held up the Netherlands as “an example of an OECD country where children have a higher quality of life, and fewer children live in poverty”.  The Herald article – which ran under the headline “Report recommends raising wage, parental leave” – noted that “New Zealand has a lot to learn from the Netherlands, according to a study that recommends increasing wage rates and paid parental leave to a minimum of 18 weeks in order to reduce child poverty.”  But, of course, the National Party’s media denialists at Fairfax didn’t bother reporting any of it.

Interesting omission, in a week where it was revealed – again by the New Zealand Herald – that the gap between incomes of New Zealand’s wealthiest and poorest had reached record levels under John Key’s Government, and that household incomes had dropped significantly. 

At first, it seemed that Fairfax were simply going to ignore this inconvenient story too.  The New Zealand Herald posted it to their website at 11.46am on Thursday.  It quickly went viral on social media as the Opposition jumped on it as proof of what most of us have already worked out; that this Government have done a very good job of making the very rich even richer, while making the rest of New Zealand much worse off.

While the rest of the country were talking about it, Fairfax appeared to be applying their usual infamous Orwellian denial strategy, with absolutely nothing about this hot story appearing on until later that evening, presumably once they realised that everyone was going to hear about it anyway, and they had figured out a way of taking some of the sting out of the figures.   And, staggeringly, the link that appeared on Stuff’s homepage at 6.05pm read : “Wage gap closing”.  Um, righto Fairfax. 

Their rapidly declining credibility as a news service has probably contributed to news this week that Fairfax Media have written down the value of their New Zealand publications by$782 million.  That’s some loss eh.  As I have noted before, the shrewd business brain of Rightwing mining billionaire nutbar Gina Rinehart clearly isn’t investing in Fairfax for a direct profit, so the only conclusion we can reasonably draw is that she is simply wishing to control the message through her own personal media corporation.  In other words, she is prepared to make a significant loss on Fairfax Media, in order to have the power of its propaganda at her control.  Yikes!

Finally, Saturday’s Dominion Post featured yet another reactionary distraction from the National Government’s woes, with a full front page devoted to racial dog-whistling, which earned them a public telling off from Joris De Bres, New Zealand’s Race Relations Commissioner.  Mr De Bres posted the cover to his Facebook page, with the comment: “Hmmm. No problem with the Dompost running this story but (a) is it really the biggest story of the day given the release of the Waitangi Tribunal report last night and (b) did they really need to use such a giant photo of a woman wearing a niqab? Welcome to Islam Awareness Week …” 

Couldn’t agree more Joris.  Kia ora!

Thanks for reading.  If you haven’t already, please join our protest against this awful propaganda dressed as news on Facebook!/groups/fearfacts/ , boycott Fairfax publications, avoid, and tell your friends.!/photo.php?fbid=4239562182660&set=a.2601785799274.2144934.1093696870&type=1&theater


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  1. Yeah I think they are well on there way to becoming the next “Truth”… page 3 girls and all…

  2. Haha, I reckon a page three girl would be less offensive than their page two “news”.

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