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Stuff’s gold medal doublethink on sports funding

August 13, 2012

Fairfaxian headline lifted straight from 1984 (the book, not the LA Olympics).

Credit where it’s due; if medals were being handed out for propaganda, the high achievers at Fairfax Media would surely be in line for gold. 

The level of misinformationist genius on display on today is certainly something to behold.

With a headline that shouts the absolute polar opposite of the facts, and turns bad news into good news  for the National Party, these guys are right at the top of their game.

The story – to any real journalist looking for a news angle – went something like this:  After a hugely successful Olympics, the National-led Government have frozen funding for high performance sport for the next two years.  The angle is so obvious, even the New Zealand Herald ran with the headline “Olympic heros face cash freeze”.

But, over at stuff, the astoundingly Orwellian headline went “High performance sports funding hiked”.


While the body of the story went some way to providing some context, the high performance propagandists at Fairfax Media know that very few readers go beyond the headline, especially when looking at on-line news, where the click of a mouse is needed for more information.  So, most stuff readers will be left with the clear impression that the funding freeze is actually a funding increase.  This gold medal winning piece of propaganda is an achievement of world-class brilliance, and if George Orwell were here to hand out the accolades, I’m sure he’d be pleased to see Fairfax Media at the top of the podium.

Had enough of this shit from our mainstream media, New Zealand?  Please avoid, boycott Fairfax’s print publications, join us on Facebook!/groups/fearfacts/ and tell your friends.


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