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Stuff give Nats massive head start in online poll

August 6, 2012

Epic poll fail at Fairfax shows just how easy it is to manipulate the numbers.

On the very day Fairfax Media were trumpeting the latest “brainfart” polls, their own online polling failed to even allow readers to select the Labour Party.

The notoriously unreliable polling favoured by Rightwing media companies is based on pollsters calling middle aged, middle class conservative homes on their landlines and asking them how they will vote.  Doh! 

Anyone who doesn’t have a landline doesn’t get a say.  Therefore, the voting intentions of many young adults and the less well off, who often don’t use landlines, aren’t registered.  These missing numbers are, of course, naturally left-leaning.  Which means that the results are heavily biased towards the political Right, and Right-leaning media companies like Fairfax use them to manipulate rather than inform us.  As Martyn Bradbury points out on Tumeke today: “New Zealanders were told for three years that National had over 50% of the vote and that led to the lowest voter turn out in 120 years.   Our apathy is being sold to us”.

As if this wasn’t manipulative enough, on the very day were telling us how much we all loved that nice John Key and his National Party, they ran an online opinion poll asking: “Which party is doing the best job right now?”  Of course, being served up a diet of National Party propaganda day after day, stuff readers gave John Key’s party a massive early lead.  However, this grand result may also have something to do with the complete omission of an option to vote for the Labour Party.  That’s right, New Zealand’s largest Opposition party weren’t even included in the poll options until much later in the day.  In the parlance of our times, WTF?!

In perhaps another indication of just how Rightwing biased stuff’s results are compared to the national average, Act scored 5.4% of the votes.  This remember, is a party in its death throes, who only exist because of dodgy dealings, dodgy electoral laws, and taking advice to have a dodgy memory.  They barely reach a single percent in most polls, yet, here they are on stuff gaining enough of the vote to get back into parliament.

If it wasn’t such a disturbing assault on our democracy, this daily farce from Fairfax would be hilarious.  If you’d like to see this news corporation behaving responsibly, please boycott Fairfax publications, avoid, and join us on facebook:!/groups/fearfacts/


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  1. Brilliant Neil and (Martyn at Tumeke).. Between TV3’s earlier asinine Key popularity poll this week and now Fairfax’s.. I think brain fart poll reporting amongst many in our limp stream media is now a National funded Act (sic).. What did George say? “Political language… is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind” he missed out the poll part of course…, As always of course, have got my toxic troll & shill proof wetsuit on because of course as all us Pisceans know water can even erode rock. That Act figure such a giveaway I do hope they keep using it.. . 😉 Jax x

  2. Steve Withers permalink

    If you think Fairfax are bad now, imagine what they will be like when Gina Reinhart gets her seats on the Board without signing the commitment to bit interfere with editorial content.

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