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Cheer up Mr Key – Fairfax still love you

July 24, 2012

Underfire PM can always rely on Fairfax Media to tell the story from his angle.

While more independent media were busy reporting treasury figures and Opposition claims about the real cost of asset sales to ordinary Kiwis, Fairfax devoted its coverage to that nice John Key crying that it was all a big fat nasty fib.

Poor John. All those pesky people asking him difficult questions about his dodgy mathematics and his plans to further filter New Zealand’s collective wealth up to the top five percent through asset sales loyalty schemes.  Thank heavens he still has his loyal friends at Fairfax, who are consistently happy to ignore really bad news, and tell his side of the story when things go wrong. 

Today’s coverage on  came under various pro-National headlines, and though the story was updated several times, the angle remained the same – essentially that, “our John is telling the truth, and all those pesky Opposition types are making shit up”.  Fairfax completely avoided the concerns of Treasury – picked up by the New Zealand Herald – and also dodged the fact that Key’s figures are based on only 20 percent of asset shares being bought by those “Mum and Dad investors” the Prime Minster keeps talking about.  As political analyst Michael Nolan points out:

“Today’s Herald quotes Key saying the cost of said scheme won’t be as large as Labour claim it could be (up to $500million). Why? Well Labour accounted for some truth in the Prime Ministers statement, and based their numbers on the scenario all shares were snapped up by Kiwis (even if only 5% of Kiwis are expected to be able to afford shares).

 But Key’s numbers are much smaller, he estimates $60million. How does he come to this figure? Well he estimates that only 20% of the shares will be snapped up my Mum and Dad. Could be more, could be less, but that was the area he feels safe enough to base a multi-million dollar loyalty scheme on.

 Can you believe the barefaced deceit that this man is peddling from our nations highest office? What a disgrace!”

Even if the Opposition’s claims are taken with a pinch of salt, Fairfax’s political “journalists” might have picked up on comments from The Treasury, published by the Herald today, where it was noted that: “A ‘loyalty’ scheme to sweeten state assets sales for investors could cost the taxpayer $500 million – more than $100 for every man, woman and child in New Zealand – according to Treasury numbers”.

Furthermore, if Fairfax weren’t so busy angling everything from the view of their mates in the National Party, they might have also furnished us with the revelation, reported by Radio New Zealand today, that the Government haven’t actually budgeted for the costs of the loyalty scheme, because they have no idea how much it will cost.

Well played Fairfax.  Don’t forget to send them another thank you card John!

Is this really what New Zealanders have come to accept from our largest news corporation?  If you’ve had enough of this propaganda posing as news, please boycott Fairfax publications, avoid, join our ever-increasing numbers on Facebook,  and tell your friends.  Cheers.!/notes/michael-nolan-political-analysis/a-disturbing-admission-from-john-key/384500461615770

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  1. marshall permalink

    Keep up the great constructive criticism always on display here. Your site is one of my favourites as you put into words the only credible conclusion anyone reading the fairfax propaganda could come up with.
    I don’t belong to the facebook world but I always spread the gospel according to fantastic fearfactsexposed when talking media corruption with people.
    Thanks for talking my language and holding these fools to account.

  2. Thanks for that Marshall.
    Really appreciate the feedback.

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