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Eerie echo as intellectuals gagged by Rightwing media

July 17, 2012

Fairfaxian agenda silences academics over school league tables.

Fairfax Media have once again applied their eerie Orwellian denial strategy to inconvenient news, avoiding yet another major news item today.

Having faithfully pushed the National-led Government’s idealogical hard-Right agenda on education, Fairfax have devoted their education coverage in recent years to attacking the teaching profession, discrediting the state education sector, and promoting simplistic, selective research to support the Government’s flawed policies.

In just the last few weeks, Fairfax have been contacting schools to pressure them into releasing data to compile school league tables.  League tables which international research shows only widens the education gap and effectively creates ghetto schools for the poor.

So, when over 100 leading education academics write to the Minister of Education calling for a halt to league tables, Fairfax steer the good ship propaganda well clear of the story – which has been reported by all other media – preferring instead to get their educational spin purely from the National Party and its ideological allies.

Marginalising intellectuals is not a good look.  In fact, historically, this has only ever led to a sharp lurch towards extremism, as fanatical rhetoric and dangerous dogma take the place of research, moderation and open debate.  It’s a slippery slope indeed, and Fairfax must be held accountable for their ongoing crusade against democracy in New Zealand.

If you too are concerned about this outrageous and fascistic abuse of media power, please boycott Fairfax publications, avoid, join us on Facebook, and tell your freinds to do the same.!/groups/fearfacts/


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  1. Good to know that schools are resisting Fairfax’s demand for this kind of data. In fact, on this issue the media have absolutely zero right to try to get data with which to compile League Tables. That is not a social “good”, nor does it inform the public in any meaningful way.

    Good on you, Neil, for highlighting this issue!!

  2. I second Frank..
    Working on a linkup between The dishonourable John Charter Schools Banks & another possible ‘forgotten conflict of interest by the way.. Hope to accessorise to the list the Police legal team still sitting on post the report GIVEN to them from the SFO as sure you know? ..

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