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Power price hikes when assets are sold

June 20, 2012

Why won’t Fairfax Media mention it?

Readers of Fairfax Media’s New Zealand publications will be used to this biased media corporation ignoring news that is damaging to the Rightwing agenda of their buddies in the National Party.

So, it’s of no surprise that one of the Opposition’s strongest arguments against asset sales has been completely avoided by and newspapers like the Dominion Post.

As noted on this blog recently, once power companies are sold, profit will be the only concern of the new owners, and prices will quickly start heading north.  A solid news story that has been picked up by other news providers such as Radio New Zealand and the New Zealand Herald.

Perhaps the reason for avoiding this story at Fairfax is becuase their mate John Key simply asked them too.  Maybe it’s because their political editor is John Key’s unofficial press secretary.  Or, maybe it’s because the world’s richest woman Gina Rinehart is rapidly taking over this company with designs on using their publications for pro-mining, climate change denying propaganda.  Rinehart, a nutbar muilti-billionairre who made her fortune from high poluting industries may be mad as a meataxe, but she sure knows a thing or two about a business deal.  Perhaps she is one of John Key’s “mum and dad” investors, and is planning a plunder of New Zealand’s assets once Key puts them on the block. 

Key’s asset sales policy has no economic basis; it’s like selling the double galzing to pay the power bills, so his Government’s motives are either incompetence or treachery.  Little wonder his partisan media lapdogs at Fairfax are giving the Opposition’s arguments such a wide berth.


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  1. Join the fight against Asset Sales. We are campaigning nation-wide against this, till our assets are out of danger, however long it takes.

    Start organizing a protest commitee in your electorate today. Go to and join the Movement.

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