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John Key’s class size hypocrisy

June 2, 2012

Everyone’s talking about it…except Fairfax.

Just as with the John Banks/Kim Dotcom farce, where the most damaging details were left unreported by Fairfax Media, they have once again avoided publishing the worst of National’s class size debacle, denying their readers the opportunity to draw a fully informed conclusion.

While the New Zealand Herald picked up on the graphic that everyone was talking about yesterday – in which John Key gives his view that smaller class sizes were better for the education of his children – Fairfax completely avoided the story, once again protecting their mates in the Government from the danger of informed citizens.

The fact that the graphic went viral online and was used by a number of blogs including this one, suggests that New Zealanders are outraged by Key’s hypocrisy, and this development is a crucial factor in how voters will judge the Prime Minister’s character.  Clearly, it is a factor that Fairfax do not want us to consider.

Instead, today’s Dominion Post has the top two-thirds of page two devoted to how fabulously awesome our dear leader is, with Fairfax political editor and unofficial National Party press secretary Tracy Watkins doing her usual sycophantic gush, and sounding more like a starstruck 12-year-old girl reviewing a One Direction concert, than the political editor of a major media corporation.  And, the comments forum attached to the “story” shows just how much Kiwi’s are wising up to Fairfax’s propaganda.  The funny thing is, that these are only the kindest of the comments; the ones they have censored out – including my own – are even closer to the bone.

If you are one of the legions of New Zealanders who are sick of being fed Rightwing propaganda by this appallingly biased Australian company, owned by the world’s richest woman, please share this blog and join us on Facebook.!/groups/fearfacts/


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  1. Is ‘DODGY’ John Banks being protected by ‘SHONKY’ John Key?


    Penny Bright
    ‘Anti-corruption campaigner’

  2. That seems to be the universal conclusion Penny.
    Kia ora.
    Here he is explaining why he doesn’t want his own kids going to “low decibel” schools… :p

  3. samuel welsh permalink

    john’s a top asshole 100 % jerk not a kiwi

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