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Fairfax owner officially world’s richest woman

May 24, 2012

Ever wondered why Fairfax only ever tell the wealthy Right’s side of the story?

In another week where Fairfax Media only reported the news from the perspective of the powerful, wealthy political Right, their largest shareholder was named the world’s richest woman, topping BRW magazine’s richlist.

Australian Gina Rinehart is a hard-Right mining billionaire, climate change-denier, and serial polluter who makes over two-million Australian dollars per hour.  Little wonder her publications have such a staggering Rightwing bias and a thinly-veiled contempt for the ordinary Kiwi.

Despite the depressed state of the world economy, things for Rinehart are incredibly rosy, with BRW magazine noting that “there is a real possibility that Rinehart will become not just the richest woman in the world but the richest person in the world”.

In a time when print media is struggling to make a profit, we might ask why in the world would such a shrewd operator want to spash her ample cash around a news media corporation like Fairfax?  The answer it seems, is that it isn’t a direct financial return she’s after, but simply the power to control the message.  In fact, British climate change-denying nutbar Lord Monkton recently advised wealthy polluters to buy media organisations for this very reason.

So, it’s hardly surprising that Fairfax Media have abandoned any obligation to hold the wealthy and powerful to account, and are instead going out of their way to mislead ordinary New Zealanders, and the rest of the world, with their increasingly propagandist reporting. 

And, it also goes a long way to explaining why, in the week leading up to the Budget, Fairfax have all but silenced critics and the Opposition, as they continue to spin the news on behalf of New Zealand’s hard-Right, morally bankrupt, National-led Government. 

Trickle-up economics – while ordinary folks are working longer and harder, getting paid less, and paying more for everything they buy, guess where the wealth they used to enjoy is trickling up to…

Thanks a lot Fairfax.

So, what can you do about it?   First of all, you can share this blog with your friends.  Secondly, you can join us on facebook!/groups/fearfacts/   

We are growing daily, we are putting the pressure on, and we will continue to do so until Fairfax Media start providing New Zealand with a genuine news service, instead of partisan spin and one-sided propaganda.


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  1. Josie permalink

    Hi I would like to point out that your article is not accurate. Fairfax media has many shareholders if you want to know who really owns fairfax media that would be Rupert murdock who owns over 50 percent of the company Gina Reinhard owns 14 percent so I wouldn’t call her the owner. Thank you 🙂

  2. You may wish to check those stats again Josie.
    Rinehart is definitely the largest shareholder in Fairfax Media, and has a seat on the board.
    Always appreciate having my facts challenged though – I don’t claim to know everything, but I do try to keep this blog accurate. Cheers.

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