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NEWSFLASH: Most Fox viewers blame the black dude

May 21, 2012

And NZ’s debt not Key’s fault, say some Fairfax readers…

 Well bugger me. 

Who knew that a daily diet of propaganda led to a distortion of reality and a molding of opinion?

Despite all the figures, graphs and data showing otherwise, a survey shows that 33% of Fairfax readers blame the previous Labour Government for New Zealand’s ever-increasing debt crisis, and that only 18% blame National.  I don’t know about you, but the only surprising part of this information to me is that any of the respondents blamed John Key’s Government.  Perhaps the reason stuff stopped publishing readers’ comments on this article after the first 20, was because of criticism to this effect, and the fact that many of their readers get their “real” news elsewhere.

Key has been Fairfax’s golden boy ever since he became leader of the National Party, and the barrage of propaganda they’ve served up as news over the years has been consistently documented by this blog. 

Now, under the typically Fairfaxian headline “Labour cops dept blame”, we are “informed” on that:

“Voters blame Labour more than National for the country’s current debt levels, according to a nationwide survey of Fairfax newspaper readers.  With the two main parties pointing the finger at each other, we asked more than 2000 of our readers who they blamed more.”

Stopped laughing yet?  Then, let me continue.  The article goes on to say:

“Almost half of those in the survey saw it as effectively ”a plague on both their houses”, with 44 per cent blaming a combination of the Clark and Key governments.  But among those who singled out one or the other, 33 per cent saw Labour as being more at fault, while only 18 per cent blamed National more.  That is despite a huge blow-out in net core Crown debt since National took office, with a rise from $10 billion in 2008 to $50b now and forecasts it will top $70b by 2015.”

Well, thanks for that Fairfax.  Did you also know that in 1930’s Germany, many ordinary people blamed the Jews, and in present day USA, many Fox News viewers still believe that Iraq has weapons of mass destruction.  Propaganda is a powerful tool, especially when it’s dressed up as independent news. 

This illustrates exactly why such powerful, biased media corporations are a very real danger to our democracy.  By stifling the debate, controlling the message, and starving the Opposition of comment, media organisations like Fairfax can and do have a frightening influence on our freedom. 

Remember how their brainfart polls told readers over and over how the National Party were going to romp back into the Beehive last year?  In detailed analysis of the reasons why New Zealanders didn’t vote, it was found that “a large proportion of non-voters cited the polls predicting the National Party’s victory, and decided the election was a foregone conclusion. The percentage of non-voters who said this was a factor was far higher in 2011 than in 2008”, according to The New Zealand Herald.

Critics at the time – myself included – noted the flawed methodology of these polls, and suggested that they were designed more to influence rather than inform voters.  The resulting election turnout was the lowest in 120 years, with the supposably invincible National Party pushed much closer than the polls had suggested.

Finally, on the subject of polls and propaganda, Fairfax Media still haven’t mentioned the latest Roy Morgan polls, published by more moderate media last week, which show that National would be thrown out of Government if an election were held tomorrow.  Funny that, when their chums in the National Party are riding high in the polls, and the Dom Post can’t find a font big enough, but when the news is bad…well, it just ain’t news.  Orwellian, Fairfaxian, call that what you will.

But, what can YOU do about it? 

Well, you can join us on facebook!/groups/fearfacts/, share this blog on all your networks, cancel your subscriptions, and tell your friends.  We can, must, and WILL demand better from foriegn-owned corporate news media, if we are to preserve our fragile democracy.  Kia ora New Zealand.!/groups/fearfacts/


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