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The Dom Post, where balanced journalism goes to die

May 18, 2012

Is anyone out there still paying for this propaganda?

After another week of avoiding corruption, hypocrisy and big-spending ministers within the Key Government, Fairfax Media today went on the offensive, with yet another transparent distraction posing as news.

After giving readers the disingenuous runaround over the John Banks-Kim Dotcom scandal the past two weeks, today’s Dom Post managed to dig up a bit of irrelevent dirt on the Opposition to grace the front page.  A nothing story, so flimsy that other, more credible news media – like the NZ Herald and Radio NZ – didn’t even report it.  But, that didn’t stop the National Party’s mass media propagandists at Fairfax splashing a banner headline across the frontpage, saying “Tycoon boasted of his MP mates”, next to an oversized picture of Labour’s Shane Jones, complete with a Labour Party rosette. 

If it wasn’t such an outrageous assault on fairness, accuracy and balance, and an ongoing threat to democratic debate, this would be a hilarious joke, especially in the context of the way Fairfax  have ducked and dived every inch of the way with the Prime Minister over John Banks.  The story that a Chinese millionaire had boasted to immigration officials that he had MP friends, pales in comparison to the news value of the ongoing Banks farce, but that story has never recieved anywhere near this kind of sensationalist treatment from Fairfax Media.  

As if attacking the Opposition with such blatant partisan bias wasn’t enough for one day, anyone who bothered turning the page was treated to another picture of our dear leader, sitting down with adoring school kids and beaming that famous smile.  As always, Fairfax gift the National Party with another piece of cosy cuddly John Key PR, just when proper journalists – working for proper news providers – are starting to ask proper questions.  So, what passes for hard political news about the Prime Minister at Fairfax?  Well, apparently he went to visit an eight year-old earthquake victim in Christchurch, after the boy sent him a letter inviting him ’round for a barbacue.  For heavens sake, this kind of shit makes North Korean news media look insightful.

It’s called ‘propaganda’ people.  Governments who fear facts rely on it.  And, irresponsible, anti-democratic media corporations peddle it.  Shame on National, and shame on Fairfax.  Little wonder John Key made no mention of the Dom Post when he had his lttle bitch about journalists starting to ask him questions earlier in the week.

So, what can you do about it?  First of all, you can share this blog with your friends.  Secondly, you can join us on facebook –!/groups/fearfacts/, and, you can ditch the Dom and encourage everyone you know to do the same –!/events/286620968070334/.

We are growing daily, we are putting the pressure on, and we will continue to do so until Fairfax Media start providing New Zealand with a genuine news service, instead of this appalling partisan spin and one-sided propaganda.


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