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April 29, 2012

And here’s the proof:

Just yesterday, Fairfax Media’s political editor Tracy Watkins made the following “observations” about Labour Party Leader David Shearer:  “Labour’s failure isn’t letting others fill the soundbite void – it’s failure is having nothing to fill it with. If Mr Shearer wants to save his leadership, he should start filling it.”

As reported on this blog yesterday, Watkins’ incredibly speculative piece was simply another red herring, conveniently timed to shelter the National-led Government from a terrible week.  Her accusation was essentially that Mr Shearer had nothing to say, and was therefore not doing his job.

But, simply failing to report the Opposition Leader’s view doesn’t mean that he isn’t giving one.  And, after writing this nonsense less than 48 hours ago, Tracy Watkins chose not to bother reporting David Shearer’s response to the John Banks donation fiasco in her version of that story. If anyone at Fairfax Media was really looking for comment from David Shearer, they need have gone no further than the New Zealand Herald, where it was noted that:

Mr Shearer was not satisfied by (John Banks’) answer and reiterated his call for Mr Banks to resign as a minister.

“Alleged breaches to electoral law and the anonymity of political donations are serious, and yet John Banks seemed indignant to the need to answer even the most basic line of questioning on the donations he received from SkyCity and Kim Dotcom.

“They were simple questions. Fluffing answers about the number of donations he received is unnecessary and over-complicates the allegations.

I think we can all agree that Kim Dotcom is a pretty memorable guy, and $50,000 is a cash injection even the most affluent campaigner would remember.””

It seems that Fairfax have simply chosen to devote their reporting to providing daily spin for the National-led Government, and it is little wonder that their credibility is in tatters and their profits are plummetting.  As shown on this blog, the “reporting” here is just the tip of the iceburg.

After making her complaints yesterday – which are still leading the political news on, Watkins completely ignored his comments on John Banks today, noting only that: “Labour leader David Shearer is calling for Banks to stand aside from Cabinet until the donations are investigated”, in the very last line of her piece, under the typically leading headline “Nothing to hide over Dotcom donation, Banks says”.

Perhaps it’s time Fairfax Media ‘fessed up and changed the name of their website to “”.

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  1. More from Radio New Zealand this morning.
    Amazing that political “journalists” at Fairfax haven’t noted any connection between Key’s refusal to stand down Banks, and the Government’s slender majority – if Banks goes, National won’t have the numbers to get its controversial asset sales legislation passed until after an Epsom by-election. But, according to Fairfax, this isn’t related, or newsworthy.

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