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Sunday Star Times’ objective pretence laid bare

April 23, 2012

Sycophantic editorial exposes myth of SST’s “objective journalism”

According to Fairfax’s Sunday broadsheet, The Sunday Star Times, John Key selling soveriegn laws and doing dodgy backroom deals with large corporations is “an example of leadership”.

Selling out to Sky City isn’t questionable at all, according to the editorial, and furthermore, it is “absurd and offensive” of the Opposition and other groups to suggest that it is.

The Sunday Star Times has made great efforts to attract and retain a wide readership by ocassionally asking questions of  John Key’s Government, and attempting once in a while to offer credible, balanced journalism.  But, to publish such a blatently blinkered editorial flies in the face of these efforts, and reveals the long-standing political partisanship of Fairfax Media.  The whole tone of the piece doth protest too much; apart from the venomous attacks on opponents of Key’s shonky Sky City deal, the editorial begins with the utterly laughable suggestion that: “The Sunday Star Times is frequently accused of being opposed to everything suggested by this National-led Government, but on this one John Key is right”.  I honestly struggled to re-gather my breath after reading that.

Of course, they call in the usual Business Rountable cronies to defend Key and back up their one-sided claims, but to defend Key so strongly against the barrage of criticism he has rightfully recieved over this whole debacle, shows clearly where Fairfax will play their cards on issues where National are truly exposed and vulnerable. 

And, if you are trying to find some of the Star Times columnists’ criticisms of John Key’s Government on, you may be left struggling.   Remember Anthony Hubbard’s well researched piece on education, which appeared on the back of the Star Times two weeks ago?  Well, it didn’t make it to the online version. 

It seemed strange to me that, while Michael Laws’ bigotted Rightwing bile gets sent straight to, informed copy like Hubbard’s piece – which exposed clearly the Government’s consistent rejection of accurate research when it is inconvenient, and their willingness to spin weak arguments based on rhetoric – didn’t make it to the internet.

So, I emailed Anthony Hubbard, who I have the greatest respect for, and asked him if I could get a link to the article online.  He replied that the piece was unavailable online.  When I then asked whether this was at his discretion or the publishers, I recieved no response.  Can’t blame him, but we can draw our own conclusions from his absense of further comment.

The Sunday Star Times may pretend to hold the National-led Government to account now and then, in order to sell newspapers to urban liberals and intellectuals, but when it really comes down to it, it’s clear that the interests of the publisher are in-line with the interests of other large corporations, and their political stripes are firmly seated in the blue corner.


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  1. Mel permalink

    Thanks for confirming what I was already suspecting having read the editorial on Sunday. 😦

    Stupidity 101 for the hierachy of SST to put on the web the usual – ‘feral parents’ rant and leave out the articulate, insightful and cogent education offering from Anthony Hubbard.

    Seems the SST is really appealing to the ‘lowest common denominator – both intellectually and morally.

  2. Telling, isn’t it Mel?

    It seems that, in Fairfax’s paradigm, racist hate speech is worthy of being globally published forever, and readily accessed for sharing. But, informed, fact-based analysis is barely suitable to be wrapped around fish and chips, then forgotten.

    Am I being incredibly cynical, or are they?

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