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John Key hauled into ACC scandal as Fairfax wait for National’s nod

March 29, 2012

Why did it take Fairfax Media two hours to notice the biggest political scandal of 2012?

It took almost two hours to report on John Key’s involvement in the Bronwyn Pullar/National Party/ACC debacle.  It seems that, while other media were all over this scandal, the propagandists at Fairfax were busy waiting for their mate John Key to respond.

And, when they finally did publish something, it was straight National Party spin, under the leading headline “PM denies insurance support for Pullar”, as though they simply printed John Key’s statement without question.

Where was the actual breaking news Fairfax?

What happened between Close Up breaking the story two hours ago, and publishing this one-sided version online?  Were Fairfax’s political editors simply waiting for the National Party to respond and give the nod, before they reported anything. 

How is any of this journalism?

Disgraceful Fairfax!




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  1. And when they do report stories, Neil, the reporters are so stretched due to staffing cuts that they make basic errors like in this story:

    “ACC worker re-viewed leaked Smith letter”

    (I submitted a post, correcting the error that “March 20: The day the New Zealand Herald publishes the contents of Dr Smith’s letter, Ms Parker-Dennis again opens the email at 9.51am. ”

    The date was actually March 18;

    “National’s Boag was in ACC meeting”

    This is what happens when Fairfax (or any corporation for that matter) cuts staffing levels to the bare bones, to such a degree that they no longer function effectively.

    No wonder I rarely buy the Dompost anymore. It is a poor shade of it’s predecessors, the DOMINION and EVENING POST.

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