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Back in blue

March 15, 2012

Shearer’s education focus gets blue rinse from Fairfax.

Education.  Along with health and law and order, it comes up consistently as one of the main concerns for voters.

So, when Opposition leader David Shearer gives a major speech focussing largely on his vision for quality education, Fairfax’s political editor and unofficial National Party spin doctor, Tracy Watkins, only wants to tell us about tax.

Honestly, getting Tracy Watkins to review a speech from a Labour leader is like asking Ronald McDonald to comment on the latest Whopper. 

Meanwhile, her mate John Key gets his major speech reported entirely on message, as he “announces super ministry”.   And, while the report on Shearer’s speech rounds up with the predictable instant ‘dismissal’ from Act, there is nothing in the report on Key’s announcement  to provide any kind of balance, as the Opposition are silenced by Fairfax once again.

The overall impression readers are given is that, while those nice guys in National are trying to save us money, those Labour rotters simply wish to tax us more.  It’s straight propaganda.

Just not good enough Fairfax.  Nowhere near balanced or objective.  Shame!


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