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March 7, 2012

What’s got into the Dom this week?

Far be it from me to inspect the dentistry of a complimentary pony, but the entire NZ Fairfax stable seems to be riding out on the road to Damascus this week.

Starting with the Sunday Star Times’ damning assessment of the Prime Minister’s fall from grace – reported on this blog on Sunday – both the Dominion Post and appear to have taken the hint.  While it’s more likely that they’ve simply responded to the large financial hit, and decided that they actually need to provide some news on this Government’s long list of woes, if they wish to stay in business, the result for readers is the same.

It’s a refreshing read and a welcome change, but the sceptic in me wonders if it is just a cynical move to restore journalistic credibility and draw back readers in time for the next election, when they’ll start piling on the pro-National propaganda once again.  Whatever the reason, let’s give credit where it’s due and enjoy it while it lasts.

Check out some highlights here:

Ofcourse, the intensified situation at the Ports of Auckland may well test Fairfax’s new found integrity and, should their coverage begin to drift from the objective centre again, I’ll be sure to keep you posted.


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