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Fairfax profits down 41% as rival experiences steady growth

February 24, 2012

People power taking it’s toll – readers and advertisers abandoning Rightwing propaganda machine.

This morning’s Business news on Radio New Zealand revealed categorically what we already know: Fairfax Media have positioned their publications so far from credibility that no one in New Zealand or Australia bothers to take them seriously anymore.

Profits are down 41% at Fairfax Media, as rival APN – which owns the slightly more moderate New Zealand Herald – experiences steady growth and retains market share in difficult times.

According to Fairfax CEO Greg Haywood: “There has been no improvement in the subdued New Zealand market”.

Perhaps that’s because there has been no improvement in the subdued journalism at this Rightwing media corporation.  The Herald’s results show that – on the contrary – there is nothing wrong with the market, and that tells us immediately that the problem lies with the product. 

Come on Fairfax, how about having a crack at actual journalism, and giving fairness, accuracy and balance a go.

Until that happens, this protest will continue, and we are clearly having a massive impact.  Kia ora tatau!


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