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“Best guess?” – National and Fairfax are working very hard for one another

February 21, 2012

National’s guesswork shambles ignored by as Key given yet another free platform for propaganda.

The Prime Minister has waded into the asset sales figures debacle, insisting that the figure of $6b that Bill English called “just a guess” last week, was actually a “best guess”. 

Oh, well how reassuring Mr Key.  What a bloody shambles the National Party are.  To quote a popular Wellington Phoenix chant: “You don’t know what you’re doing”.

But, I can’t quote Wellington’s Dominion Post  newspaper, or Fairfax’s website, because there isn’t a single word about it from either. 

While today’s New Zealand Herald was reporting John Key’s “modfied description” of English’s messy maths, there hasn’t been any mention of it from Fairfax Media, where Orwellian denial comes into play with disturbing regularity each time their mates in the National Party drop the ball.  No wonder readers are questioning their crumbling credibility on both the website and in letters to the editor.  Of course, both of these forums are at the control of the publisher, and they exercise that control in censoring much of the negative correspondence they recieve. 

Yesterday was a prime example, as the comments forum was abandoned after just 29 comments, many referring to Fairfax’s “National Party propaganda”.  They eventually published more comments on this appalling piece late this afternoon, once no one was looking any more, but they were careful to avoid the most cutting assessments, and my own comments didn’t get past the censors, once again.  Equally, today’s letters to the editor included just one short letter from correspondant Jan Farr of Carterton, calling the Dom Post on their “sudden need to influence public opinion, and with such lack of subtlety”.  Indeed Jan.

Fairfax Media have also been notably absent in recent days from the broadband speed debate, fueled by comments from British actor, comedian and writer, Stephen Fry, who has called on New Zealanders to demand a resonable broadband speed.  Obviously the story – which has been well covered by the New Zealand Herald – is something of an embarressment to John Key and the National Party, who swept into government almost four years ago promising “superfast broadband”.  Remember Key promising that in every single debate with Helen Clark prior to the 2008 election?  Well, it appears that nothing has happened, and, just like not increasing GST, or not cutting jobs to frontline public services, this is yet another election promise broken by National and ignored by their propagandists at Fairfax.

Instead, they were once again providing a free platform to the National Party in their politics section today, where John Key defended the accelerating sales of New Zealand land to foreign interests, without having to worry about any balance or comments from those pesky Opposition types.

But, it’s encouraging to know that so many Kiwis are giving up on this Righwing propagandist media organisation, and in fact, just today I’ve been sent copies of some impressive letters to the editor, cancelling subscriptions to the Dom because it is simply lacking in any kind of credibility, political neautrality, and refuses to do its job.  Come on folks, let’s ditch the Dom – find out more here:!/events/286620968070334/

Also, join us on Facebook here:!/groups/fearfacts/

“Though my people travel light, we are willing to fight the fight,
And though my people may not be many we are ready, we are ready.” – Fat Freddy’s Drop.


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