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Nats and Fairfax make repugnant mileage out of quake anniversary

February 20, 2012

Nothing sacred as PM given tasteless front-page PR leg-up by Dom Post.

Was that a sad irony in Geoff Robinson’s voice this morning, as he read out the front pages of today’s “news” papers and got to Wellington’s Dominion Post? 

While other media have been approaching the anniversary of last February’s tragic Christchurch earthquake with balance and taste,  the Dom’s resident National Party press secretary Tracy Watkins simply handed the  front page over to John Key to make some cynical political mileage out of the disaster.  Really, is nothing sacred?

Coincidentally” this comes after a horror week for the Prime Minister – not that you’d know it from reading this paper – and, with his popularity on the wane, Key was in desperate need of a bit of endearing, statesman-like PR.  Step right up Fairfax!

It’s a sick and nasty business alright, and perhaps someone reading this piece in isolation might accuse me of the same.   But, in the context of the clear and consistent political immorality of Fairfax and National, illustrated over the past three years on this blog , I’m confident that such claims will not hold water.  I have never been intimidated by the power of Fairfax, and when I see them making shameless political gain out of a disaster that affected New Zealanders deeply, I will not hesitate to call them on it.  And, encouragingly, the comments forum attached to the story has a number of readers sticking it to Fairfax for their unbridled propaganda in the wake of Key’s popularity decline, which probably explains why they quickly stopped publishing comments after the first 29…

Where will these propagandists draw the line?  Is there even one to draw?  It certainly appears not judging by today’s front page.

Let’s boycott this appalling, unprincipled media corporation.  Let’s ditch the Dom:!/events/286620968070334/

Finally, Sunday’s Media Watch on National Radio provided more interesting analysis of last week’s abhorrant and grossly misleading frontpage attack on teachers in our favourite newspaper.  The whole programme is worth the time, but the section relating to this particular story starts at 29.47:


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