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English admits asset sales figures “a guess”

February 17, 2012

But you won’t hear about it from Fairfax.

Even Finance Minister Bill English was forced to admit this week that the figures he used to budget for state asset sales were pulled out of the sky.  That is, the hugely unpopular policy National went to the electorate with, was all based on hopefull guess work and half-arsed calculations.

Big news huh? 

Not at Fairfax Media, where the story has been ignored as National’s daily mouthpiece persists with the nothing-doing tabloid beat up over Labour MP Trevor Mallard selling concert tickets on Trademe, and having the audacity to make a profit.  Likewise, new New Zealand First MP Brendan Horan singing in the House was treated with a large piece in the politics section.  But, absolutely nothing about Bill English’s dodgy asset sales figures.  Not a bean.

Which of these news items is of most importance to New Zealanders?  Which will have the most detrimental and long lasting effect on our country?  Clearly Fairfax would rather distract us from the hopeless incompetence of their political allies – by labouring Trev’s tickets and Brendan’s singing -over today’s biggest news story. 

No doubt, the multi-millionaire overseas interests who own Fairfax Media are doing very nicely out of National screwing the people of this country, and their publications are doing their very best to keep us ignorant of Key and English’s diabolical economic management.

Why would any New Zealander trust or any of Fairfax’s newspapers when they are so obviously going out of their way to mislead us.  It’s time to ditch the Dom folks.  Please share, and please tell your friends.  Let’s get this boycott into overdrive to show these propagandists that we simply won’t accept their self-serving bullshit anymore.

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