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Orwellian silence over increased cost of living under National

February 15, 2012

Steep increases in the cost of living in New Zealand’s cities gets reported by major news media this morning, but not by Fairfax .

Spiralling inflation and a mis-managed Kiwi dollar have sent Auckland and Wellington rocketing up The Economist’s index of the world’s most expensive cities.

But, those waking up to this damning news on Radio New Zealand’s Morning Report this morning, may have been surprised – though probably not – to find nothing at all about it on Fairfax Media’s until late this afternoon, once the positive spin had been applied, presumably with the help of their mates at Crosby Textor.

According to Fairfax’s more moderate rival, The New Zealand Herald:

“Auckland and Wellington are among the world’s top 20 most expensive cities to live, says an international index.

The Economist intelligence unit has released its worldwide cost of living survey for 2011, to show both Auckland and Wellington moving up the ranks to become more expensive.

The survey compares the prices of 160 products and services such as food, drink, clothing, rent, transport and utility bills.

Auckland is the most expensive New Zealand city to live in, and has a 15th global ranking after climbing from 24th in 2010.

Our nation’s capital is now placed on par with London. Wellington moved up 16 notches to settle in as the 17th most expensive place to live.”

Coming as it does within a week of the National-led Government’s much maligned 50 cent increase in the minimum wage, the news is clearly a damning verdict on Key and English’s handling of the economy, and illustrates exactly why New Zealand has become the land of the long wide wealth gap, as well as the home of the poverty trap.

Little wonder those hoping to protect this Government from accountablity for their incompetence, and hoping to continue the myth that National are working for anyone but the most wealthy, completely ignored this significant piece of news for most of the day. 

It absolutely beggars belief that there could be such low news value attached to a report showing New Zealand’s capital – the home of Fairfax’s Dominion Post – is now as expensive to live in as London.

Fairfax Media, where two plus two equals…well, whatever John Key says it equals.

Oh, and while we’re on the subject of dodgy figures and propaganda, here’s a great article to give some context to the incredibly one-sided front page attack on teachers that featured on this blog earlier in the week.  Very interesting indeed.


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