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Dom doing Government’s dirty work on state education hate

February 13, 2012

Yet another front page attack on New Zealand’s teachers from National’s media lapdog.

Take any large enough group, and there are going to be some folks you just wouldn’t bring home to meet your mum.  So it is that, within any profession, there will be a percentage who are undesirable and innapropriate for the role. 

It comes as no surprise then, that there have been a small number of New Zealand teachers convicted of criminal offences and judged unsuitable to teach.   This has resulted in some teachers being deregistered, as would be expected.

Big story?  Major news?  Ummm.

Well, it didn’t make the New Zealand Herald or Radio New Zealand at all.  It’s fairly obvious that if we look at a professional group as large as New Zealand’s teachers, they’re not all going to be Mary Poppins and some simply won’t make the grade.

However, according to National Party insiders, it has been their party policy to discredit the teaching profession.  So, when today’s Dominion Post runs with the front page headline “Hundreds of unfit teachers in class”, it doesn’t take the head of a high school maths department to put two and two together.

As illustrated with disturbing consistency on this site, Fairfax Media have been happy to provide the National Party with propaganda dressed up as news, and during last year’s dispute with teachers’ unions, it was Fairfax Media who mounted the most viscious, reactionary and ill-informed attacks on teachers, their unions, and the New Zealand state education sector in general. 

Perhaps it’s because Fairfax hate unions as much as this Government do.  While it’s okay for industries and employers to be strengthened by forming groups and alliances, it seems that when individual employees wish to do the same, it’s the work of those awful dangerous commies.  God forbid that, while the Business Rountable and other corporate lobby groups work together to push their case, working people should attempt do the same.

Add their combined contempt for organised workers’ groups to their zealous free market dogma, and it becomes clear that affordable state education is well out of favour on the Right.  Hence, the push towards league tables so that poor brown kids can stay in their own ghetto schools away from the wealthy children of bankers, National MP’s and media moguls.  And, cue the Rightwing dinosaurs from ACT lining up to control charter schools.

Make no mistake; today’s front page is yet another example of Fairfax Media working with the National-led Government to advance the causes of the wealthy elite.  This appalling excuse for a media company is not the slightest bit interested in news, in accuracy, in fairness, or in balance.  This is about implementing the frightening new Right agenda right under our noses, by disguising the propaganda of the one percent, as independent news.  

It’s shit!  Please boycott Fairfax Media, urge your friends to do the same, and make sure you get your news from those who are looking out for you, rather than those who are working on behalf of wealthy overseas shareholders and Rightwing politicians.


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  1. Ironically, we don’t have to boycott Fairfax Media too much. They are losing customers for their newspapers week by week. Their sales figures are a pale shadow of where the Dominion and Evening Post used to be, prior to merging into one publicaytion.

    Management have cut back on staff so much that the papers have been ‘gutted’ and are not worth purchasing.

    In the 1990s, the Evening Post had 2 to 3 full time reporters covering Wellington City Council issues, plus a reporter for Lower Hutt, and another for Upper Hutt.

    Now, I believe there is one reporters who covers WCC issues, on a part-time basis. The councillors could have a shoot-out in Council Chambers, using automatic weapons and bombs – and Fairfax would only know about it by listening to the radio.

    Yep, it’s gotten that bad.

    Corporatisation of two, once-proud, newspapers has resulted in one pardody of a “daily paper” that is superficial, disjointed, and lacks continuity in it’s reporting of local events.

    It is, however, still good for the cat-litter box. (After fishing out old copies from recycle bins.)

  2. Sad, isn’t it?
    A trusted publication that genuinely added value to its readers would do so well in Wellington.
    You always know a newspaper is on the slide when they start quoting “readership” figures instead of circulation.
    My heart goes out to the shackled journos, the bullied unionless printers, and the old school subs who must wonder what the hell happened to their great industry. 😦

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