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Nutbar extremists and serial polluters buying up Fairfax Media

February 11, 2012

Influx of dirty money from dirty industry explains Fairfax’s absolute rejection of balance.

Ever wondered who was really benefitting from the one-sided coverage in Fairfax Media’s publications?  Why the morally bankrupt hard-Right get favourable treatment day after day, while those seeking fairness and research-based solutions are marginalised?  Why climate change deniers are given so much ink, despite 99 percent of independent peer reviewed science concluding that the climate is changing and that it is directly linked to manmade polution?

Martyn Bradbury raised the issue on Tumeke this week, when he revealed that “Mining billionaire Gina Rinehart became the largest shareholder in Fairfax this week., the Dom, The Press and a host of magazine titles are all owned by Fairfax. Why is any of this news? Well when you see that climate deniers in NZ are being funded by the evil Heartland Institute, it should concern that a mining billionaire is following the advice of taking over the media by climate denier nutter, Lord Monkton.”

Yes, it seems that the corrupt billionaires who are destroying our enviroment with their pollution, have taken up the advice of Lord Mankton to buy news sources around the world, so that the debate can be stifled and so that the myth that there even is a real debate can continue until our children’s children either fry, or fight each other over limited resources.

As Bradbury concludes “These filthy liars who are purposely smoke screening the realty of climate change and the fact it is our pollution that creates it are buying up our mainstream media.”

So, the next time you read about the “market solution”, or “trickle-down economics”, or the “climate debate”, remember who’s holding the purse strings and controlling the medium.

It might also explain how Fairfax’s managed to completely leave the out-of-control travel spending of John Key and other National Party ministers from this story yesterday.  Spot the difference between their version and the same story in the NZ Herald, as Fairfax make an artform of  convenient context and semantic propaganda.  You’ll be amazed.

And, more on the climate deniers’ media takeover here:



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  1. Andre permalink

    I’d reference The UK newspaper The Guardian’s Sydney correspondent as having given us the heads-up on this story rather than Tumeke – which did a great job of publicising it the story here.
    Keep up the good work!

  2. Brilliant! Thanks Andre.
    God, I miss the Guardian.
    If money was no object, I’d set up a Wellington edition.

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