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NZ drops five places in world media freedom rankings as Fairfax ignore National’s massive asset sales clanger

February 2, 2012

Little wonder NZ has suddenly earned an ominous international reputation for its shackled media

Interesting reading on today’s New Zealand Herald site.  It seems that National has dropped a massive clanger on asset sales by publishing online it’s real intentions to ignore the Treaty of Waitangi earlier in the week, before tidying things up with the usual propaganda.

According to the Herald:

 “An embarrassing blunder has revealed the Government’s original intention to keep a crucial Treaty of Waitangi clause out of legislation required for state asset sales.

The information appeared in the draft of a key document that appeared on the Treasury’s website yesterday for a few minutes before it was taken down.

The Government later released the final version of the document – a consultation paper on the law changes needed for the partial sale of four state-owned energy companies in preparation for consultation with iwi next week.

It sets out three options: using section 9 of the State-Owned Enterprises Act, which requires the Crown to act in accordance with the Treaty of Waitangi; use a more-specific clause; or have no clause at all.

But the draft that appeared on the Treasury’s website included a list of the changes made since Tuesday morning – the day after the Maori Party first questioned whether the Government intended to include a clause protecting Treaty rights.

It showed the Government’s original intention was not to include any Treaty clause at all in the new legislation covering the mixed-ownership model.”

But, don’t bother searching on Fairfax Media’s stuff website for this story, because as usual, the Government’s Australian-owned propagandists have completely ignored this massive clanger.

This comes just a week after New Zealand was dramatically demoted to well outside the top ten countries in the world for media freedom, after John Key set the police on all major media outlets – except Fairfax – during last year’s election campaign.  It’s another major story with massive implications for our freedom, which Fairfax haven’t covered.

According to the Herald, who were one of the media outlets threatened by police action during the election after the Prime Minister took a heavy handed approach to shutting down the truth over the teapot tapes:

“New Zealand has dropped out of the top 10 countries for media freedom after a year in which police searched newsrooms over the now-infamous “teapot tapes”.

In its annual press freedom index, advocacy group Reporters Without Borders ranked New Zealand 13th in the world for media freedom last year – down five places from eighth in 2010.

The report did not say what was behind the fall – but it comes after a year in which newsrooms were searched by police, the New Zealand Herald was temporarily banned from the parliamentary press gallery and a proposed new law sought to give police greater powers to enter newsrooms.”

Again, don’t bother trying to find anything about this from Fairfax Media.  The Government’s staunchest Rightwing media allies haven’t published a single word about it.

Ominous signs indeed.  If this continues for another three years, there won’t be anything left to salvage in New Zealand, let alone sell.

Is anyone out there still relying on Fairfax’s propaganda for news, or are people beginning to see the appalling abuse of power and contempt for our democracy demonstrated each day by this shameful company?


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One Comment
  1. Bill Wallace permalink


    I couldn’t see how to contact you, so left this comment…

    it seems appropriate to have completed this report (linked below) over Waitangi weekend, and I sincerely hope change through common sense and up to date research can enable change for the better. I work in a government department with part of my focus being analysis. At the link below, is an up to date report on the effects the “war on drugs” and in particular cannabis, is having on New Zealand – something the current government is actively ignoring, some may say hypocritically. As Sir Geoffrey Palmer, Former Prime Minister & Former Head of the Law Commission mentions in the linked report, current policy is doing a great deal more harm than good.

    Apologies for some of the formatting not being quite right.

    Many thanks

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