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Just another Orwellian headline from Fairfax

January 5, 2012

If it was news from North Korea we’d be pissing ourselves

It takes a staggering level of contempt for the working person of New Zealand, as well as a mastery of the dark art of propaganda, to get a positive headline out of this story.  Stand up Fairfax!

According to the latest Grant Thornton International Business Survey, 83 per cent of New Zealand workers will have a lower standard of living in 2012 than they did in 2011, with any planned wage rises sitting well below the level of inflation.

But, Fairfax Media give it the usual rose-tinted specs treatment, and manage to publish the story under the breathtakingly disingenuous headline ‘Most Kiwi firms plan pay rise this year’.

There is some attempt to provide more accurate figures in the body of the story, but as media conglomorates well know, few readers go beyond the headline, especially when viewing news online.   Make no mistake folks, this is a deliberate and calculated attempt to fool you, and these Rightwing media fat cats simply cannot be trusted to keep the people properly informed.

Rightwing propaganda on steroids; it’s just business as usual at Fairfax.


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  1. A post I left on the messages;

    “”Most Kiwi firms plan pay rise this year ”

    That has to be one of the most mis-leading headlines ever!! What next; “Titanic hits iceberg – Iceberg undamaged”?

    Honestly, what was the sub-editor thinking?!”

  2. “Sherwin said there was ”a clear disconnect” between what the education system was producing and industry demands, and he called for a collaboration between industry, the education sector and government to improve the ”connection”. ”


    Industry is calling for “collaboration” with government to sort out industry demands for skilled workers?

    Hey, hang on – what about the Free Market? I thought it was up to private enterprise to sort this out? I thought business didn’t want “interference” by the State?

    Wait. Don’t tell me – market failure!

  3. Well, at least they published your comment Frank.
    My retort on didn’t even get past the censors.

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