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All major NZ media face police raids over tea tapes…except for Fairfax

November 17, 2011

Key busts out the big Bainamarama moves a week from election.

I never thought I’d see the day that the New Zealand Police were raiding major media outlets because of a recording of the Prime Minister saying what he really thinks.

How dodgy is John Key?  How unstable has he made our democracy?  This isn’t Fiji, or Zimbabwe, or North Korea. This is New Zealand.   How desperate is Key to keep control?

This shameful farce is the behaviour of a banana republic dictator, and not consistent with any precedent ever set by the leader of any free nation.   If we value democracy and free speech, John Key simply has to go!

Astoundingly the only major news media not to recieve a search warrant for information around the teapot tapes is Fairfax.  I know this will come as no surprise to anyone who has taken a cynical and educated look at a Fairfax publication recently as I have been known to make the odd note about their unhealthy relationship with the National Party myself.  In fact just yesterday, Fairfax political editor Tracy Watkins was suggesting that John Key is “managing” the situation.  But, she has been observed to be somewhat of a Key fan, and her judgement appears to be a little blinkered.

If this whole farce is just a decoy, as has been suggested, then it’s an even greater abuse of dictatorial power.  If this is the case, then it is surely a tragic day for New Zealand, a tragic day for politics, and one of the ballsiest, but dumbest con-jobs ever carried out in New Zealand politics, and I hope it turns out to be really bad advice.

However, I believe that it is just badly managed and desperate; if John Key had simply let the tape be heard, it would all be over by now, and Crosby Textor would be mopping up a bit of embarassing damage.   Instead, John Key is going all Mussolini on us a week out from the election and it’s not a good look.  When this kinda’ shit happens in Fiji, we all tutt and curse and call it a “dictatorship”, which of course it is.  And, it’s a very slippery slope.

I woudn’t tell anyone who to vote for, but it should be on the record that a vote for John Key is a vote for unbridled, unprecedented, paranoid Rightwing power.  I’m not gonna use the “F” word here, but you know what I’m saying…

I have heard concerns that the only alternative to having John Key as Prime Minister, is having Phil Goff.  And, even with MMP, this is probably the case.  But, even if it was simply a matter of picking the lesser of two evils, why would’t you pick the one who had spent their entire career working for New Zealand, over the one who had spent their entire career making millions out of screwing New Zealand?  Whatever the concerns about Goff, he would be restrained by the virtues of MMP, and it seems that the case against him is that he is kinda irritating, at worst.  But Key just had a secret meeting with a controversial oil company who were involved in the Gulf of Mexico spill – they’re probably funding him so they can drill for oil and pollute in our oceans.  This Prime Minister is on record as an unprincipled liar, and would sell us down the river for a few yankee dollars, just like he did when he was on Wall Street.  He has become drunk with power, believes he can play the people of New Zealand like a guitar, and his contempt for democracy has been brought to light for all to see this week. 

It’s time to kick out Key!


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