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Key and Banks take the piss out of democracy

November 14, 2011

But don’t want you to know what they said.

While today’s Dominion Post was again running the spin for the National Party, screaming bloody murder about “tabloid tactics” and virtually letting Key write his own headlines, over at the Herald there has been an ethical drama unfolding.

Tapes ill-gotten, but only accidently, revealed information of “public interest” that would affect votes, according to Herald on Sunday editor Bryce Johns. 

So what exactly were John Key and John Banks talking about so candidly in front of the nation’s media, as part of a stunt they themselves organised in order to pull democracy’s pants down in Epsom?

The Prime Minister says the conversation was bland… but is taking legal action against the newspaper anyway, and quickly moved to threaten the Herald over publication of the tape’s exact contents. 

So, what is it that the editor thinks is in the public interest and will affect votes? 

Why the over-the-top condemnation?  Methinks Key doth protest too much.

Surely it hurts the Prime Minister’s credibility more to try hide the coversation.   Crosby Textor should’ve just told him to say “whatever” like he normally does, while they worked out some populist bullshit spin to defend it, like they normally do.

So, I say “come on Herald”!   John Key wants to take you to court anyway. If you’re going to get hung for stealing a sheep you may as well shag it too.  And “public interest” means the story is both valid and legal.

It’s definitely ethically “quirky”, but setting a precedent that all politicians will have to consider themselves transparent and open isn’t a bad thing for the health of our democracy, is it? I mean, really.  “Are you working for New Zealanders or not minister?” If not, you may have to explain why…who’s got a problem with that?

Come on John.  Here’s my wero; let’s hear what you really think for once!

On the subject of the Prime Minister’s honesty, activists have attacked over 700 National Party billboards overnight, claiming to be helping the Prime Minister to “tell the truth”.

The activists fixed new slogans over the billboards which said: “The Rich Deserve More” and “Drill it! Mine It! Sell it!”

 An un-named organiser of the operation said National needed to be more honest in its campaign, and the new slogans reflect the truth which National is neglecting to mention.

 “We decided to help the National Party spell out its plans in ways that every voter can understand. They believe in increasing the deficit by giving the rich tax cuts, then selling state assets to reduce the deficit they just created, drilling oil wells along our coastline, and digging up forests for low grade coal. We want to make sure voters know that.

“Over 50 people have been improving National’s billboards in Auckland, Wellington, Gisborne, Whakatane, Napier, Hastings, New Plymouth, Palmerston North, Kapiti Coast, Nelson, Marlborough, Motueka, Golden Bay, Christchurch and Dunedin.

“We hope voters like the more truthful billboards and hope that some National supporters will want to leave them as they are.

“The Prime Minister believes in transparency. He says he doesn’t lie. We’re happy to help.”

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  1. fmacskasy permalink

    Hmmmm, from mid-October, an artistic-minded individual had a go at some billboards in the Rimutaka electorate. Interestingly, only Key’s face was graffitied – the local candidate’s was left untouched…

  2. oh the hypocrisy, illicitly tape to get evidence in the ureweras and change the law to have it accepted in court, and then cry tears when the table is turned… john key is a very small man

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