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There’s arrogance…and THEN there’s being too self-important to observe the minutes silence in Christchurch yesterday

November 10, 2011

What a swell guy our Prime Minister is!

And, just imagine how the front page of today’s Dominion Post would’ve looked if it had been Helen Clark or Phil Goff talking to a member of their diplomatic protection squad during a minutes silence for the victims of the Chritschurch earthquake.

Surely even the staunchest conservative would be a little upset by this behaviour from John Key.  But, not the editors of The Dom, who buried any mention of it at the bottom of page four, in five short sentences presenting the Prime Minister’s case, next to a large Countdown advertisement.  The redundently timid headline reads “PM apologises for speaking up” –  I mean, seriously, in what school of journalism is this taught?

I certainly don’t want to see our media trivialising  politics with petty scandal, but this is a hugely offensive faux pas, and has massive news value.  And, if it had been anyone but John Key, there would have been an outrage. 

So, why has it been squashed by Fairfax?  Oh, that’s right; it’s called propaganda.


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