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Fairfax ignore Goff’s tough talk on ‘Next Top Model’ Key

October 31, 2011

The Opposition Leader came out swinging in a Radio New Zealand interview this morning –

Unfortunately for him, and for anyone who wants to hear all sides of the election debate, Fairfax Media didn’t want a bar of it. 

Having spent the past three years painting Labour Leader Phil Goff as irrelevent, soft, and no threat to their boy John Key, it must have been remarkably inconvenient when Goff came out all guns blazing on Radio New Zealand’s Morning Report today, and made a few telling observations about the Prime Minister.  So, Fairfax did what they always do when Key’s reputation is threatened; they completely ignored the interview.

Perhaps Fairfax avoided it because their bloke, John Key had refused to debate Goff on Morning Report, saying he didn’t have time.  Though, it should be noted that he did find the time for a cosy chat with his buddies at Newstalk ZB, who had no doubt promised not to use any scary words like “policy”,  “unemployment”, “state asset sales”, “Standard and Poor’s”, or “Rena”.

So, with the absence of the Prime Minister, Phil Goff took the opportunity to lay down the gauntlet.  

“The General Election was not New Zealand’s Next Top Model,  Goff said.

“Leadership is not about having your face on a billboard, it’s having the courage to take the decisions that are the right decisions for New Zealand’s future and fronting up and debating the issues that are important to the future of New Zealand.  This election is not about New Zealand’s Next Top Model. This election is about serious decisions that we need to make for the future of our country.”

Goff also panned Key’s claims about his party’s spending, saying “There is as much truth to that comment as there was when John Key got up in the House and claimed that Standard and Poors had said they would downgrade New Zealand if Labour was elected”.

“That was a lie and this is a lie. There is absolutely no truth in that at all.”

Ofcourse, it doesn’t suit Fairfax’s propaganda to have a tough talking Opposition Leader disputing their chum John Key’s claims.  And, as for calling him a liar, Fairfax have steered well clear of using the ‘L’ word at any time, despite the wealth of evidence.  So, while The New Zealand Herald ran what was clearly a highly newsworthy and quotable election story, The National Party’s spin merchants at Fairfacts ignored the interview completely.

If it’s balanced coverage you’re after, best that you give Fairfax and a very wide berth.

I just stumbled across this nifty wee site that promises to check all of Key’s “facts and figures” live during tonight’s leadership debate.  Should be interesting.  Check it out.


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