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(Almost) everything you need to know about the Rena disaster

October 12, 2011

Dom tells us what National want us to know about oil spill, but just don’t ask about the elephant on the beach.

Everything you need to know… except, why the Government have taken so long to do anything, why they don’t have ANY kind of plan for coastal oil spills when they’re inviting their buddies to dig wells off our coasts, and why the Dom yesterday told readers the beaches would be “safe to swim in by summer” and that this was the “fastest salvage ever”.

Nice one Dom.  Does two plus two still equal four today?!

Clearly, the National Party’s coastal oil exploration plans have taken a hit here, and they don’t want there to be any connections made between oil spills and…oil spills.  So, rather than asking the obvious questions that Kiwis up and down the country have been asking, Fairfax have gone out of their way to avoid the elephant on the beach.  Great to know the Dom’s editors are still taking care of their mates in Government, rather than the people of New Zealand.

One of the useful pieces of information they did provide was this:  
Anyone wishing to help the oil recovery effort or report oil should contact Maritime NZ 0800 645 774.
Sightings of any affected wildlife should be reported  to 0800 333 771.

I called Maritime NZ earlier today.  They are recruiting volunteers with skills and experience in dealing with dangerous substances.  Sadly, I don’t think they include National Party propaganda as a dangerous substance, so I don’t think I’m top of the list.  But, I might pack my shovel and head up to the Bay anyway.  I guess if we want anything doing in this bloody country we just have to do it ourselves, cos the boss is busy going to rugby games and having his picture taken.

To their credit, The Dom did actually give their boy John Key a wee wrap over the knuckles in today’s editorial; not for telling fibs, but for “misunderstanding an inference”.  Seriously!  Why can’t Fairfax just admit that Our Dear Leader told lies.  Everyone else know it.  Please stop making pathetic excuses for the Prime Minister Fairfax, it just makes you look as out of touch and rediculous as the National-led Government.

I think Martyn Bradbury said it best on Tumeke:  “Apparently John (Key) based his comment, not from Standard and Poor’s directly, but based it on a bloke down the pub who once owned a couch bought by the gardener of a women who later changed genders and purchased a company that had shares partly owned by a milkman who had a child who went to school with a girl who once caught measles from a man who owned a dog that once humped the leg of an analyst at Standard & Poor’s.” 

Perhaps Fairfax just wanted to look a little more balanced on the whole issue of John Key’s lies, after I posted yesterday’s update – which had over 1,000 hits – on their Facebook page.    Incidentally, this is a great forum for expressing our concerns and making our protest felt, so don’t be shy folks.  😉


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One Comment
  1. I hear there’s an election latter this year… unless Dear Leader received an “email” from an anonymous source advising him to cancel it…?

    Perhaps it’s trime for folks to turn up at public meetings and demand answers from thewir local National candidates such as;

    1. How the f**k can we be prepared for an oil rig explosion when we can’t even cope with a ‘simple’ stranded freighter?!

    2. Why are we not prepared for major oil spills?

    3. Why is the Petrobras deal proceeding?

    4. Who will pay if the Petrobras rig end up like the Deepwater Horizon did, last year? (What a bloody stupid question – of course WE will pay. Duh.)

    5. What is the local national candidate going to do about it?

    At this point, if your local National candidate agrees to “do something” – ask the public meeting convenor to arrange another meeting, for the National candidate to report back with his/her solutions.

    That’ll do for starters.

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