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Dom’s one-eye turns blind to Key’s lie

October 11, 2011

PM’s blatant lie covered by slick PR, as Dom pours good oil on Rena disaster 

It’s been a horrible week for John Key’s Government, but you wouldn’t know it from reading the National Party’s favourite newspaper today. 

In fact, while the Prime Minister’s latest attempt to lie to the House was buried under an avalanche of National Party spin at the back of the paper, Fairfax devoted the usual politics page to giving readers the good oil on Rena.  The positive spin on one of New Zealand’s worst environmental catastrophes includes a bold headline telling readers that “Rena salvage claimed fastest ever”, while another story on the same page assures us that it will be “Safe to swim by summer, says expert”.

Despite huge criticism of the Government’s invisible reponse to the disaster from Opposition parties, environmental groups and Tauranga residents, only one sentence in the entire two-pages covering the spill notes that “the Government was facing mounting criticism”.   There are no further details of the criticism, except one line reading “Where’s the help? residents ask”.  

The Dom has completely avoided putting any accountability for this disaster on the National-led Government.  Neither have they asked – as most New Zealanders have – why a Government so keen on off-shore oil exploration didn’t have any kind of plan to deal with an oil disaster in our pristine coastal environment.  Surely the Minster of Tourism would be grilled by reporters, right?  WRONG.  How about enquiring as to why Minister of Environment Nick Smith took four days to even take a look at the Rena?  Um, yeah, nah.

Instead, Fairfax’s propaganda merchents provide the usual National Party spin on events, with the familier picture of Our Dear Leader smiling on page three, in another cosy picture-story. 

As for John Key telling porky-pies to New Zealand once again, Fairfax, Crosby and Textor take the bull by the tail, burying any mention of the events right at the back of the paper.  The piece itself is a triumph of defence by confusion, with Vernon Small going out of his way to fill the story with red-herrings and avoid any mention of the “L” word.  Here’s where the news is REALLY at: .  Brilliant but tragic comedy indeed from Mr Key.

You’ve gotta take your hat off to Fairfax; it takes some pretty big balls to loyally defend this incompetent, irresponsible Rightwing Government in the face of such ongoing PR disasters.  Goebbels would be very proud!

But, be warned Fairfax and your ilk, there is a growing public backlash to corporate controlled media and media controlled democracy.  This page alone has had almost 1000 views in the past 48 hours, so it’s only a matter of time before your profits head in the same direction as your credibility.  As someone once said, “We are the 99% – EXPECT US”.

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  1. fmacskasy permalink

    The truth eventually comes out;

    The so-called Standard & Poors “email” was pure BS. The only question is; who the feck wrote it, from Key’s staff (or fellow MP?).

    What Key doesn’t get is that he might get away with it once or twice or ten times. But each time, a bit more mud sticks. And the public become aware that he is not quite the “trusted” person we thought he was.

  2. DutchKiwi permalink

    But most of us will still vote National because Labour and the Greens scare the crap out of us.

  3. “But most of us will still vote National because Labour and the Greens scare the crap out of us.”

    In what way does Labour and the Greens “scare the crap out of us”?

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