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Bradbury banned from Radio New Zealand for criticising John Key

October 9, 2011

NZ descends further into Rightwing dictatorship as last bastion of independent media forced to toe National Party line 

Broadcaster and media commentator Martyn Bradbury has been banned from state broadcaster Radio New Zealand for criticising Prime Minister John Key on air.

Not being satisfied with having the entire mainstream corporate media acting as their propaganda machine, the Government last year appointed former National Prime Minister Jim Bolger’s press secretary, Richard Griffin, to the head of RNZ’s board.   Since then, interviews with Government Ministers on Morning Report have resembled cosy chats, as amiable lapdog presenters fail to hold the National Party to account.

Our democracy has never been so fragile, and is in genuine danger from this anti-democratic Government and their stranglehold on information.

Time to wake up New Zealand!

* Radio New Zealand have taken the audio off their website.  Apparently they don’t want us to be able to make up our own mind.  So, here’s an alternative link to hear Martyn Bradbury’s comments. 
Is he wrong?   You decide.


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  1. What an absolute disgrace. Fuck this government.

  2. Fuck ALL governments!

  3. The National government is acting as an elected dictatorship. Time to give them the boot and return to democracy!

  4. Kat permalink

    This is awful! Where is freedom of speech? and fair practice for politicians?

    Occupy NZ! 15/10/11

  5. Support the occupations and chuck all of the corrupt govt out.

  6. Disgraceful eh.
    New Zealand’s media heads closer to the Fijian model with each passing day.

  7. fmacskasy permalink

    This government is becoming more and more shonkey with each passing week. And it is telling that the media are starting to ask some real hard questions.

    As for banning Bomber Bradbury from RNZ – I hope folks left their feelings known directly to RNZ:

    Peter Cavanagh

    This is an outrageous attack on free speech and only RWNJs can derive any pleasure from this. Bradbury simply “called” the Prime Minister on his disgraceful actions – and he gotr banned for it?!

    I never thought we’d have a Dear Leader who is above criticism in this country. What next – dissidents rounded up and sent to “Corrective Labour Camps”?

  8. Cam permalink

    media seem to report on facebook groups/pages (wellywood, kahui book, etc).. ‘Bring Back Bomber’, someone with enough media savy should start it up.. i’ll happily spam it about

  9. later wauw, wat een mooie website heb je.

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