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Dom Post FINALLY mentions ‘Occupy Wall Street’, as protest enters WEEK THREE

October 3, 2011

A newspaper without news?  As pointless as a pub with no beer.

So why do we continue to buy the propagandist fish-wrap that passes for a newspaper in the capital these days?

There are some great music reviews.  And, I guess the sports section is okay.  Actually, I think the sports section is all I’ve been getting delivered the last few weeks – anyone been getting the rest of the paper?

Anyway,  after two weeks of significant, organised protests on Wall Street, the Dom finally acknowledged the protests they don’t want you to know about.  As reported on this page, almost the entire mainstream, corporate, western media have turned a blind eye to these protests, apparently scared that people might actually realise they have more power than the corporations these media  represent.

So today, the Domonion Post bit the bullet, and published a small picture story inside the ‘World’ section….there being no room left on the cover of the section, because Shane Warne had proposed to Liz Hurley.  Face palm!

But, as it happens, some folk out there don’t just rely on the corporations’ media for their news, and Occupy protests are being read about, talked about, and even organised right here in Aotearoa.  There’s an Occupy Queen Street protest happening in two weeks:!/event.php?eid=200962876639610

The people are demanding real democracy, and an end to the corruption and corporate greed that has defined the post-war era.  People are reading The Spirit Level, and seeing the failings of this immoral system, within which newspapers like the Dominion Post provide the propaganda.  No wonder they have their tales between their legs.

This blog has had hundreds of hits overnight, so the people are speaking, and they’re speaking loud!

Pass it on…


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  1. Tales between their legs…… nice.

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