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NONE OF THIS IS HAPPENING…according to Dom Post

September 28, 2011

Wall Street protests still being ignored by corporate media

Dear Fairfax Media,

Please could you just confirm whether two plus two equals three, four, five,
or ten today.

Many thanks,

Mr W. Smith

More pics from Wall street: httpp://!/media/set/?set=a.10150458052154152.457412.816319151

Occupy Wall Street website:

Oh, and apparently, over 100 NYPD officers have refused to work, in support of the Occupy Wall Street movement:

This may or may not have something to do with this amazing video – apparently the work of mysterious protest group, Anonymous, which was aimed at the NYPD and uploaded to youtube this week:

Interesting times indeed.  Especially worrying because  the corporations’ propaganda arm – mainstream Western Media – have taken the extreme decision not to tell us about it.  Draw your own conclusions folks.  I trust ’em less and less with each passing day.  When massive protests, largescale police intervention, and riots on Wall Street aren’t making the news, the world’s lurch toward corporate fascism has taken another dangerous leap to the Right.

Interestingly, I found this short piece on today.  According to the website it had been there since the 26th, but I searched stuff from top to bottom yesterday, looking in World News, Americas, trying the search engine that never works (wonder why?!) and I am very confident that this piece wasn’t there.  Bizzarre eh.

And, in further developments, it appears that CNN have backtracked, saying they will now cover the protests, after coming under pressure from social networking sites.  However, I’m reliably informed that messages relating to the protests are being heavily censored and removed from CNN’s facebook page.!/topic.php?uid=5550296508&topic=43717!/board.php?uid=5550296508


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One Comment
  1. Unfortunately, radical change only ever brings a change of radicals.
    Great leaders of the 21st century will be those who seek to accomodate and facilitate the rising tide of change; genuinely, moderately, but with urgency.
    They will bring about revolutions without bloodshed, and initiate the next stage of human progression.
    Will Obama be remembered among them?
    Will John Key?!

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