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Corporate media machine silent on huge Wall Street protests

September 27, 2011

Fairfax and mainstream Western media fail to report massive New York protest action.

First it was Israel, now it’s New York City. 

Large-scale, organised protests involving thousands of people have converged on Wall Street this week, calling for western governments to act on spiralling corporate greed and the hijacking of democracy by wealthy organisations and individuals.

Breaking news, one would imagine.  Surely major headlines would emerge as the campaign known as ‘Occupy Wall Street’ swung into action, with thousands of protesters entering and camping in New York’s financial district to call for an end to free-market madness.

But no.  In the clearest and scariest evidence yet that the corporate media initiate, condone and benefit from global corporate fascism, mainstream western media have almost completely blacked out these protests as well as the resulting government intervention,  police brutality and riots.

It took media such as The Guardian and Al Jazeera, as well as independent sites and blogs to start getting the news out, but the mainstream corporate media are simply choosing to hide it.

As reported on this page several weeks ago, western media have gone out of their way to avoid massive protests in Israel this year, and now they are pretending nothing is happening in New York too.

There has been nothing in Wellington’s Dominion Post or on  Like most other corporate controlled Rightwing media establishments, they have completely turned a blind eye to the thousands of people calling for changes within the corrupt establishment.  But, the media are so imbedded within this corrupt establishment and afraid of real democracy, that they have chosen to keep the truth from the world, and use their position for propaganda.  They have decided that ignorance is strength,  that an informed people are a powerful people, and that they do not want the people to have any power.  After the recent revelations of corruption and political manouvering within Murdoch’s media empire, no one should be surpised that the  mainstream corporate media are in fact part of the machine, and working to control us, rather than inform us.  This is simple, old-fashioned fascism, with the greedy corporates using their ultimate power to keep the proles in their place.  Even yahoo have admitted to blocking and censoring email relating to the protests.

Anyone feeling a little uneasy yet? 

All this comes as a financial trader astounded  BBC journalists on air this week by telling them that: “Governments don’t run the world, Goldman rules the world”, and “they are looking forward to the crash because it makes them richer”.   Astounding stuff indeed.

There are more links to what’s really unfolding on Wall Street posted on the Fear Facts Exposed facebook group, which is always glad of new members.!/groups/fearfacts/

Thanks for reading and for caring.  The times they are a changing, and we cannot trust the corrupt, greedy corporate media to tell us what’s really happening.  Independent sites and blogs are becoming more important than ever, so if you’ve read this far, please make an effort to spread the word.  Many thanks!


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