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Dom Post’s weak effort to justify bias fails to impress

September 26, 2011

“Swinging pendulum” claim far from satisfactory.

Clearly rattled by the sheer enormity of evidence of political bias towards the National Party, today’s Dominion Post has dedicated its editorial to defending media bias. 

However, their claim that the current bias – which they do not and can not deny – is simply the swinging of a pendulum that once favoured the Clark Government is simply not good enough.

Apart from the fact that Fairfax’s reactionary reporting and repeated use of Rightwing propagandist terms such as “Helengrad“, “social engineering” and “nanny state” were largely responsible for the downfall of the Clark Government once their man John Key took over the National Party, it should not be the role of any responsible newspaper in a democracy to ‘swing a pendulum’.  They should simply report the facts with fairness, accuracy and balance.

No one criticising the mainstream media in New Zealand, or indeed internationally, is calling for the pendulum to favour one side of politics over the other.  All we want is the truth; without bias, without prejudice, without partisanship.  Today’s Dominion Post clearly shows that we are asking for something they do not wish to provide.

This has been an incredible year for exposing the sinister role the media have taken in creating and destroying their political pawns.  The power and influence of the Murdoch empire, which also controls Rightwing fear-mongers Fox News, has been brought to light and readers are quite rightly demanding more transparency and accountability from their media.  But, rather than acknowldging their bias and seeking to improve, it seems that large international media corporations like Fairfax are simply looking for new ways to justify their prejudices to a sceptical public.

Until we have something approaching genuine political balance in our mainstream media, commentators will continue to voice their concerns, and protests like this page will continue to publish.

Fairfax might start by acknowledging the massive protests currently taking place on Wall Street, which most of the corporate mainstream media have completely avoided in one of the scariest politically motivated media blackouts in history.


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