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Dom plays joker on editorial independence

September 2, 2011

Dominion Post’s one-sided coverage reaches a whole new level of farcical irony
On the very day that page two of the Dom promoted Fairfax New Zealand’s charter – which supposably ensures “independence” and “the highest professional standards” – they once again betray their partisan loyalty to the National Party.   On the exact same page as this rediculous and innacurate self-promotion, they lead today’s political “news” with a huge picture of John Key cuddling a two year old child.  Meanwhile a major election-year policy release on youth unemployment initiatives, from the main Opposition party, gets buried at the bottom left of the page, “covered” by five sentences in a space the size of a playing card; the joker no doubt!

The charter, which is supposably available on Fairfax’s website, is more often than not unviewable, if my attempts to see the document today are anything to go by.  Most of my visits were greated with the message:

Service Temporarily Unavailable

The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems. Please try again later.

Great work there guys!  Perhaps the lack of technical capacity is due to Fairfax making their New Zealand staff redundant and sending a number of important roles to bargain basement labour markets like India.  Or, perhaps they just don’t want us to actually see the charter, just in case we notice what a complete crock of shit it is against the strength of the evidence gathered by this page in the past two years.

Could it even be that the charter is a direct response to Fairfax being hit in the pocket.  The National Business Review reported just last week that Fairfax’s New Zealand profits were down 5.7%, with the Australian media company  posting a total net loss of $401 million dollars.  Oh dear.  I guess some of the hard work we’ve been putting in is paying off, with people clearly bypassing Fairfax’s propagandist publications in favour of more credible and balanced news sources.  Well done folks – keep it up!

Equally tragic is the hypocrisy contained within the editorial of today’s Dom, which begs to lecture readers on the principles of democracy.  I’m endlessly amused by Fairfax’s attempts to espouse the virtues of democracy, all the while clearly holding New Zealand’s democratic system in contempt through their biased coverage.  Jokers indeed.


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