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Brainfart Polls, Round Two

August 31, 2011

So exactly who has been called by any political pollsters this year? 

In round two of Fairfax’s political polls we are led to believe that everybody loves John Key as much as Fairfax do, and that the National Party are going to cruise to an untouchable victory in November’s election.

The results mirror the Herald Digipoll – that’s the one run by National Party blogger David Farrar which also (surprise surprise!) shows that we all love John Key and are all planning to give his party another three years at the upcoming election.

So, I’m drawn to ask a very simple question; have you or anyone you know actually been contacted by a pollster recently?  According to the Council of Trade Unions – which represents thousands of New Zealanders – they asked their members if anyone had been polled this year, and the result of this poll was that only four – that’s FOUR – of their members had been called and questioned.

So, when Rightwing media companies use flawed and innacurate data to present a ficticious picture to the electorate, we can only conclude that they are in fact attempting to influence rather than inform.

As I mentioned in a previous piece here, these so-called polls involve calling middle class homes at dinnertime on their landlines, and asking them how they intend to vote.  So, if you’re one of the many struggling Kiwis who don’t use a landline, you don’t count.   And, if you work shifts, or more than one job,  and aren’t around in the evening to answer your phone, you don’t count.  In other words, these manipulative polls merely question a section of the population which hasn’t yet been dramatically affected by the National-led Government’s incompetence, ignorance and social Darwinism.  That’s why commentator Martyn Bradbury refers to them as “brainfart polls”, and that’s why we shouldn’t pay them any notice.

Having never been polled myself by any of these pollsters, and because no-one else I know has either, I can only guess at the nature of the questions, but wouldn’t be at all surprised to hear something like:

Do you love John Key;
A) More than life itself?
B) Most ardently?
C) Quite a lot more than whatsisname from Labour?
D) Heaps bro, he’s got a nice smile?

As Bradbury points out, “Why on earth would I believe their bullshit cheap brainfart telephone polls with their failed landline methodology? This is the VERY SAME NZ Herald Digi Poll that was proclaiming a year ago to the month that Len Brown and John Banks were neck and neck, that election turned into a Lenslide. Len Brown ended up whipping John Banks, it was neck and neck the way Aboriginal life expectancy is neck and neck with that of white Australians. The Herald made that claim a year ago this month, why believe a word that drips from their mainstream media corporate bias mouths?”

So, when today’s Dom announces that “Poll casts pall over Labour’s prospects”, and when John Key’s unoffical PR cheerleader Tracy Watkins tells us on page two that “Voters pick up the dog tucker signals”, Fairfax are simply doing what they always do – providing their readers with a daily dose of propaganda on behalf of the wealthy establishment and their mates in the National Party.  Do yourself a favour and boycott it. 

Oh, and most of all, don’t forget to vote!


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