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Gerry’s wallet-fattening jobs for the boys dodged by Dom

August 9, 2011

National’s mates at Fairfax fail to hold a Government Minister to account, yet again!

In further evidence of the Dominion Post’s ongoing bias towards the National-led Government, Earthquake Recovery Minister Gerry Brownlee doesn’t get a single word written about his scheme to line the pockets of a few of his buddies. 

Apparently Brownlee lobbied for a Government-appointed earthquake recovery review panel to be paid more than twice the recommended rate, claiming they wouldn’t do it for less.  The panel just happened to include former National Prime Minister Jenny Shipley.

Brownlee told State Services Minister Tony Ryall – who has been busy cutting jobs and funding to other state services – that: “It will not be possible to secure their services under the current fees range.”  But, the chairman of the panel, Sir John Hansen, has revealed that he would have happily done the work at the lower rate and would have even probably done it for free. 

“I was happy to do anything to help.  My motivation had nothing to do with the fee,” Sir John has said. 

In fact, it seems that the Minister of Mate’s Wallets didn’t even bother to ask before making the outrageous claim that the panel wouldn’t do the job for the recommended daily rate of upto $655, and personally ensured that the rate went up to as high as $1400 per day.   And, the truth only came to light when asked for details under the Official Information Act and Brownlee revealed that he had not even discussed pay with the nominees. 

Decent story huh?  The New Zealand Herald thought so.

But, there hasn’t been a single word printed in Fairfax’s National Party propaganda sheet, The Dominion Post.  And, this is just the latest in a long list of solid newsworthy stories omitted by Fairfax to protect their Government mates.   Once is a coincidence, but the wealth of evidence documented here over the past two years points to a very deliberate, cynical and dangerous attempt by Fairfax Media to dislosdge our precious democracy. 

Please boycott their publications, comment on, keep sending letters to the editor highlighting the unnacceptable level of bias they have stooped to, and tell your friends to do the same.  Many thanks for all your efforts.


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  1. Articles from The Christchurch Press which appeared on Stuff. But nothing in The Dom.
    On the day that this story broke, other media were onto it first thing – even the NZ Herald covering it very early in the morning.
    Nothing appeared on stuff at all until much later in the day; a common trend I’ve noticed whereby Fairfax don’t broach a story until much later, presumably once National’s army of PR people have spun it into something more favourable…

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