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Dom’s credibility destroyed by double-standards

July 14, 2011

Labour’s error gets banner headlines and editorials, while Nat’s identical blooper has barely a paragraph

Consider this: in a free and just society, should the media be protecting the people from the government, or protecting the government from the people?   When the balance of power is clearly in favour of the government, surely it should be the role of the fourth estate to analyse, scrutinise and question the government on behalf of the people.

In New Zealand, it seems we have lucked out! 

Fairfax appear to have just one political purpose in their reporting, and that is to ensure that the ruling National Party are unchallenged by any opposition.  These international Rightwing corporate media moguls have turned their backs on the people of New Zealand, and chosen to look after their own interests, by embracing the party of corporate greed, while devoting their publications to attacking the Opposition.

For example, when the Labour Party make a clerical error with their advertising, The Dominion Post come out all guns blazing with a page two lead – on a day when there is much bigger polical news – as well as an editorial and a further piece just to make sure the story runs for three days.  When the National Party do it, readers are given barely a paragraph in the day’s political briefs.  Yes, it seems that the administrative error Fairfax have been trying all week to paint as the new Watergate, was in fact very similar to a National Party error made in March.  Labour pointed this out yesterday, but National’s mates at Fairfax weren’t having a bar of it, illustrating the exact double-standards I’ve been highlighting on this page for almost two years.    So, when it’s Labour, it’s big news, when it’s National, it’s five short sentences in the Dom’s political briefs.  Staggering double-standards, yet again!

Meanwhile today, the politics lead is yet another one-sided attack on the Labour Party’s capital gains tax initiative, under the leading headline “Holiday homes won’t escape Labour’s tax”.  In this piece, Vernon Small summises that Labour’s tax changes might include  “a new 39 cent rate that could kick in on income as low as $120,000″.  As low as $120,000?!?!   Crikey Vernon, journalists must be doing much better these days if the Dom’s reporters believe $120,000 to be a measley income.  Or, perhaps Vernon Small’s leading sentence is just another carefully spun piece of propaganda for the National Party. 

As it turns out, the top tax rate under Labour’s proposals won’t kick in until $150,000.  That’s three times the average New Zealand wage folks.  THREE TIMES the average wage!  Who knows, perhaps even Vernon Small won’t make it into the top bracket afterall. 

Knowing the battles unions have with Fairfax Media, I very much doubt that any of their employees will have to worry too much about having to pay the top tax rate anyway…unless of course, Mr Small is having his income topped up by say, Crosby Textor or the National Party…

While I’m on the subject, I just checked for their lead headline following today’s tax announcement from Labour, and guess what:  it’s being billed by Fairfax as a “Hodge-podge tax grab”.  How predictably pro-National and propagandist can this media company get?

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