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Dom Post little more than a vehicle for orchestrated propaganda

July 13, 2011

Fairfax choose road of propaganda and hypocrisy over balanced news

The Dominion Post’s hypocrisy knows no bounds.  Fairfax’s flagship newspaper continues its crusdade for the National Party, beating up attacks on the Opposition whilst either defending or ignoring Government faux pas and misdemeanours.  Take the appalling way Crete veterans have been treated by this Government; an unfolding saga that has gone entirely unreported by Fairfax. 

The righteous tone of today’s editorial – which holds up The Dom as an example of “good journalism” compared to those rotters working for Murdoch – shows staggering arrogance and denial from a newspaper whose sole political purpose seems to be providing a platform for Goverment propaganda in New Zealand’s capital. 

Just this week, The Dom has ignored the Opposition’s fair point about the manufactured crisis at ACC, and gone out of it’s way to frame a Labour Party clerical error as the new Watergate, while most media barely even passed comment.  As well as a page two lead attacking the Labour Party – when the day’s only major political news was the ACT racism debacle – Fairfax followed up with an inflamotory editorial to keep the story alive for another day, then continued their subjective crusade with yet a further piece in today’s political biefs. 

Perhaps The Dom are just being thorough, you might say.  But the ACC reporting, which only gave readers the National Party’s spin on cuts to ACC levies just before a general election, was far from thorough, as reported on this blog yesterday.  There was no Opposition comment what-so-ever, despite a press release from the Labour Party specifically questioning the timing of ACC’s levy cuts.

Then, there’s Fairfax’s absolute blanket evasion of revelations that Defence Minister Wayne Mapp travelled to Europe in first class luxury for Word War Two commemorations, while 90 year-old Crete veterans were forced to slum their own way.  It’s a significant source of embarassment for the National Party, a major talking point around the country, and has been developing news in all other media, from the NZ Herald to Radio NZ, to television news.  But, not a peep about this in the Dom or on what-so-ever.  It’s like it never happened, according to Fairfax. 

Here’s how it unfolded in the NZ Herald, every day since Saturday:

This avoidance of yet another major news story points to just one thing; Fairfax’s ongoing partisan association with the New Zealand National Party.  To entirely omit such a newsworthy story from their entire coverage is frighteningly Orwellian and just another example of how Fairfax are abusing their power in New Zealand, by acting as propagandists for the National Party. 

Despite the claims of today’s editorial, Fairfax consistently ignore journalistic principles and show their gross contempt for democracy and for the entire New Zealand electorate by constantly promoting one particular political party while ignoring, marginalsing and demonising another.  And, I make no apologies for comparing their work to that of Joseph Goebbels.

New Zealand must demand more from it’s media than this manipulative, unbalanced propaganda!

You can help by boycotting The Dominion Post, avoiding, putting pressure on any advertisors you know, and sharing this page with your friends.   Many thanks for your support!


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  1. Ben permalink

    More great analysis.

    It was interesting to see that published your comment about the Dom’s editorial piece on the NOTW. I wouldn’t have expected that.

    • Cheers Ben.

      Yeah, I was a little surprised by them publishing those comments too. They published my comments on the previous day’s editorial also. But, they didn’t publish my comments on Tracy Watkins’ one-sided ACC article on the same day. Perhaps they just think no-one is going to read their editorials online beyond the day of publication – that’s one thing they’re probably right about…

      Thanks again!

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