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ACT outrage sidelined as Dom slings mud at Opposition

July 11, 2011

 Never letting  news values get in the way of their one-sided coverage, Faifax bury ACT’s race-baiting under Labour’s Lapse

Which is the bigger story in today’s political news:   ACT’s Don Brash and John Ansell lifting the bar on public racist tirades, or an administrative error with the Labour Party’s advertising? 

Not rocket science is it.  The Brash/Ansell/ACT Maori bashing story was the only thing anyone was talking about in today’s political news, except in that National Party propaganda sheet, The Dominion Post, which led with a half-arsed story about an error in the Labour Party’s advertising, which relegated the only real story of the day according to other media, to the bottom half of the politics page. 

Despite the strength of the ACT story, which was given prominance in Fairfax’s rivals, the National Party’s mates at The Dom just couldn’t miss the opportunity to lead page two with a bold banner headline saying “Labour faces police postcard inquiry”.  Closer inspection reveals that it is actually an administrative issue, and not really a biggie, but sure as night follows day, any hint of bad news for the Labour Party will lead the Dom’s politics page,  no matter how outrageously Conservative politicians behave.

Amazing that when Bill English gets busted double dipping and Paula Bennett gets repeatedly exposed for her dodgy dealings, it never makes the politics lead – except to defend it.  But, a whiff of bad news for the Opposition and the real news gets squeezed down below.  Awesome balance there Fairfax!

And, for good measure, they even give the new darling of the Right, Don Brash, the chance to get stuck into the Labour Party with one of those characteristically rediculous and over-the-top rants.   Poor old Don Brash.   It’s so difficult being a misunderstood wealthy white guy these days eh?  His language always seems so disproportionately inflamed and indignant.  If he had any self awareness, he might actually be dangerous! 

Also on today’s politics page, another one of those (yawn!) polls.  Martyn Bradbury calls them “brainfart polls” on account of the fact that the pollsters call a bunch of middle class homes on their landlines, and then the Rightwing media tell us how much we all love National and John Key.   Len Brown and Hone Harawira have shown us how unreliable these polls are, but that doesn’t stop National’s propagandists in the corporate media pushing them as fact.


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