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Anti-MMP Nazi’s link to Nats avoided by Dom

July 5, 2011

– Fairfax avoid mentioning racist anti-MMP campaigner’s links to National Party
– Key’s thumbs-up for sexist pay descrimination gets buried on back page, under a pile of spin

After being soundly beaten to a story for the second time in two weeks by blogger Martyn “Bomber” Bradbury, Fairfax Media picked up the Alex Fogerty saga in yesterday’s Dominion Post, crediting Bradbury with the scoop, but missing a key piece of information from his findings. 

To their credit, Fairfax have not taken an overtly partisan stance on electoral reforms, but it is clear that their rich white mates on the hard-Right are behind the anti-MMP campaign ‘Vote for change’.  So, while the Dom printed the news that founding Vote for Change member Alex Fogerty was a white supremist with links to “ultra-fascist and racist organisations” they neglected to mention his links to their buddies in the National Party. 

Yes, it appears that this very same neo-Nazi was actually the National Party’s Electoral executive in Ohariu, a fact clearly spelled out in Bradbury’s breaking story, but omitted from Fairfax’s National-friendly version of events.  Clearly, Fairfax didn’t want their mates in the National Party associated with less electable elements of the far Right, so they completely ignored the part of Bradbury’s story that asked: 

 “Did Anti MMP party founding member and cross burning enthusiast Alex Fogerty have a Parliamentary Pass? If so, who gave it to him and who recently had it revoked?

“Does Katrina Shanks have some explaining to do? How did Vote For Change get a recommendation from National for a founding member of their group when the allegation now is that some within National knew of his past?

“How does one manage to become National Party Ohariu Electorate executive like Fogerty did without knowledge of his white supremacist links?

“How secretly fascist is the National Party or is it just recreational?”

This is a hugely newsworthy element to the story, but not at outrageously biased National Party propagandists Fairfax Media.  One can only imagine how this story might have been treated if Fogerty had been linked to an Opposition party; I’d wager that the Dom’s editors wouldn’t have been able to find a font big enough to spell out Labour, Green or Mana in the headline!

The story was mentioned briefly again in today’s edition, with the development that Fogerty had quit the campaign, but there was still no mention of National, Ohariu or Katrina Shanks.  Hey Fairfax, is there a JOURNALIST in the house?!

As Bradbury notes: “In the bad old days National and ACT want to drag us back to, Parliament was made up of over 70% white, old, straight, rich men – NZ is not comprised of 70% white, old, straight, rich men and as such any screams over MMP are really just the groaning gasp of a group within society desperate for the ‘good old days’ when the elites could manipulate the democratic mandate any which way they pleased and power rested firmly with white straight old rich men.”

Meanwhile, with the ongoing furore over white, old, straight, rich man Alasdair Thompson accidentally saying what he and many of his associates actually think about gender pay equity, readers could be forgiven for expecting some coverage of the Pay Equity Bill proposed by Equal Opportunities Commisioner Judy McGregor, on today’s politics page.  However, because their mostly middle-aged, white male mates in the National Party don’t want a bar of gender pay equity, the story got relagated to the very back of the NZ news section, tucked inconspicuously beside Dilbert, with a carefully-spun headline suggesting that National were merely “cautious” on the bill.

Even the notoriously pro-National New Zealand Herald had Key “shying” from the wage equity bill, with comments from Key, as well as from both Labour and the Greens.  They even had a simple analysis so that readers could see the figures on pay inequity for themselves:  


* Average hourly pay for women $24.07
* Average hourly pay for men $27.54
* Difference 14.4 per cent”

Typically, there was no such analysis in the capital’s newspaper which had the  Government “considering” the proposal.  Not only was the story hidden out back with a cartoon dog, and buried in National Party spin, but there was no Opposition comment what-so-ever.   And, apparently even this was too sensitive; try searching for the story on now and you won’t even find it.


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