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June 26, 2011

But Fairfax’s continued denial buries their error, as well as a belated call on “cocky” Key

Fairfax finally shed some balanced light on “cocky” John Key today.  Unfortunately,  they buried it under an avalanche of spin and denial over Hone Harawira’s by-election victory.  Like the rest of the mainstream media and the wider political establishment, Fairfax had gone out of their way to destroy Harawira, even predicting he could lose his seat.

Only political commentator and Tumeke blogger Martyn Bradbury correctly called a decisive victory for Harawira in the desperately fought Te Tai Tokerau by-election.  So, how is it that Bradbury – who had correctly broken the news that there would be a Mana Party back in November – got this right, while the combined might of the establishment and the mainstream media all got it so wrong? 

The answer is “brainfart polling”, and outrageous levels of manipulation by the mainstream media.  Check out today’s Tumeke for more on how the media ganged up on a legitimate political movement in an attempt to kill it before it grew.  And, to learn how the National Party essentially control opinion polls through Rightwing blogger and Herald polster, David Farrar.

Today’s Sunday Star Times devotes most of page one and two to spinning the predictable line that Harawira’s majority had been cut, rather than the fact that an influential political movement had risen on the left, with a seven percent winning margin, despite the combined resources stacked against them.

From the very first word today Fairfax continue their campaign of marginalisation, opening the story with the leading: “Maverick MP Hone Harawira has snuck back into parliament”.  Yep, awesome balance there Fairfax. 

Ironically, today’s Star Times had a pretty candid view of Fairfax’s best mate, John Key.  It’s just a shame that John Hartevelt’s unusually cutting column – accusing Key and his “cocky” Government of believing their own press – was buried beneith exactly the sort of propaganda that has caused this level of arrogance within the National Party. 

Credit where it’s due though; this is the most perceptive criticism of Key I’ve seen from Fairfax, so let’s give ’em a couple of points for the attempt. 

But, the crucial points today go to Hone Harawira for a great underdog story, and to Martyn Bradbury for having the nous and nerve to announce it.  Chur.


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