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Dom’s triumph of propaganda over National’s youth rates

June 18, 2011

In what school of journalism are students taught that ”Meh, it’s not really a biggie” is any kind of angle for a lead story?!

 – Fairfax jump in to defend National, after youth rates to 24-years plan causes outrage

First they ignored disquiet over National’s plans for a return to youth rates, perhaps hoping it would go away.  But, as it became clear that people were going to hear about this though other media, Fairfax sprang into their familier partisan role of defensive propagandists for the National Party.

It seems that the Government are toying with the idea of re-introducing youth rates, and extending them to workers up to 24 years of age.  But, there wasn’t a peep about it in yesterday’s Dom Post, or on all day.  Then, when word got out through other media, including  3 News, Tumeke and Fearfacts Exposed, Fairfax came to the party, leading today’s politics page with an abosolute triumph of propaganda on behalf of their  mates in the National Party.

In what school of journalism are students taught that “PM downplays youth rates return” is a newsworthy angle for a great story?  Perhaps the ‘Goebells College of Political Manipulation’, but surely any real journalist knows that the story here is the outrage of proposed youth rates for 24 year olds, not ‘”Meh, it’s not really a biggie”, says Key’.

Fairfax’s version of events completely avoids any mention of youth rates potentially targeting everyone up to 24, and instead twists the entire story into National looking for ways to deal with the problem of youth unemployment.  And, of course, there is no mention anywhere that this is a problem the National Party themselves created, with their dogmatic Rightwing  initiatives and economic incompetence sending youth unempoyment soaring to a staggering 18.8 per cent at the last count.  Is punishing our youth with slave-wages really a policy direction that requires no analysis Fairfax?  Really?!

Anyone who makes it past National’s spin and gets to the end of the story will be rewarded with four whole wishy-washy sentences from the Opposition, to provide ‘balance’.   This isn’t a criticism of Gareth Hughes’ and Jacinda Ardern’s statements, simply the appalling way they have been treated by this one-sided National Party spin-sheet.


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