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National’s nasty youth rates surprise goes unreported

June 17, 2011

Nothing in Dom or  on youth rates up to 24 years

If our smart young kids can hardly afford to eat, let alone have fun, they’re gonna head straight overseas.  This National-led Government are turning the land of mlk and honey into a third-world sweatshop economy, because the Prime Minister is one of the same short-sighted greedy bankers who crashed Wall Street, and he’s looking after all his corporate mates by screwing New Zealand, just like he did when he worked in New York!

But, if you thought the nation’s mainstream news providers might let you in on this, you’d be wrong.   There’s been nothing on stuff or the NZ Herald’s website today, and there wasn’t a word about it in the Dom.

How the fuck are people gonna pay off their student loan, when there are NO  real jobs, and they can only make eight bucks an hour?!  And, then there’s little things like paying the rent, the powerbill and having kids, or all of the above. Do this generation’s government  really want to penalise the kids for doing all the things they took for granted?

Now, y’awl know I don’t go bustin’ out those f-bombs unless I really have to… but this makes me bloody angry!


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